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Thursday, December 2, 2010

I love to Read!

Hello Friends,
I went to the Library yesterday and they had a Book Sale this past week and they had a bunch of leftover books that were free,yes free!! You know me I went back and got some reads! I was please to find many Inspirational and Christian books! One was even from sword of the Lord Publishers! So now I have a ton of books to read. Plus let us not forget the ones I also checked out. I love reading Amish fiction. So 4 of the books I had on hold came in. The man that runs the library joked with me and said what is it that draws you too Amish reading? Is it that there was no electricity and the romance of candles and he started laughing..lol..he said I just had to throw that out there. It was very funny. Cause I was standing there nodding my head in agreement and then it dawned on me what he said and I started laughing. I love to read it takes you to so many places and into another city or part of the world or into another time period. I just love Christan fiction and at my library they have one section devoted to all the inspirational and Christian novels:) So I always find some good reads. I love the Amish and the ones that are placed in the old time eras:) What can I say I love to read!!

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