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Monday, January 31, 2011

I love Cookout's Cheerwine Floats!!!

So anybody like Cheerwine? No it's not a wine..it's a soda. I'm sure everyone has heard of it but if you have not it's a wonderful soda I like to get from time to time. I love to make Cheerwine punch like at birthdays and stuff,it's great! Well now my sister has got me hooked on something new. At Cookout the fast food chain of restaurants,they have Cheerwine Floats and they are ever so good!! It's Cheerwine Soda mixed with whipped cream. Kinda taste like a milkshake but thinner since it's soda mixed in. Oh but they have become one of my favorite things. You must try one today!! I am not really a milkshake kind of person..I know strange..but this gives you the feel of a milkshake while pretty much it's just soda with whipped cream!!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Even in the Valley

The Journey in life is sometimes hard,we have to take roads that bare a heavy load sometimes. There is so much going on in life right now with just a lot of different things. It's hard not to worry and sometimes it is hard to trust God and wait for his timing and not your own. We must though always take the path the Lord leads us down. At the end of every road is going to be that mountain top when you come out of the valley,you just have to wait patient for his time not your own. Oh and being on that mountain top after coming out of the deepest valley feels ever so good. So just let me encourage you today whatever you are facing. Money Troubles,Marriage problems,Mental illness,Sickness,Death,Loss,anything your going through just keep trusting in him and he will see you through out of that valley and yes you can truly say Even in Valley God is good!!




Friday, January 28, 2011

I love the Waltons!!!

First things first you got to start out with the opening:)
(To turn off background music to hear videos go to bottom of page)

As most of you know by reading my blog or facebook, I am a Walton's Fan!!! So I thought I would just dedicate a special post to my favorite show:) I love this show it's one of those shows where you can watch it with your family and never worry about nothing dirty while watching it. It has wonderful values! So far I have Seasons 1-5 on DVD. Three of them being from my sister at different Christmas times and two being completely free from cashing in some gift cards off amazon from Swagbucks and Viewpoints:) I am currently saving up to get season six. I have been to the Walton mountain museum,yeap there is a museum in Earl Hamner's birthplace,the man who the Walton's is based after. I went two years for two different cast reunions and you got to go through the line and get there autographs. So my Walton's Christmas CD is signed by some of the cast and then a picture I taped to paper is signed by cast members. They don't have those reunions anymore except if your a member of the fan club and then they meet at an area hotel. I got to go through the line and meet Jason,Mary Ellen, Erin,Ben,Verdie(the neighbor),Drew(Elizabeth's boyfriend on the show), Toni(Jason's wife on the show) Serena(the girl that came to live in the Walton's house when rose came to help). I think that is all I seen. I would have seen Elizabeth but something in travel delayed her and she wasn't able to make it til Sunday and we were leaving that day and could not go back. So I guess you can see how big a Walton fan I am. It's my favorite. I just love the Walton's:) Plus the girl who played Erin has a new book coming out called Lessons from the Mountain,I can't wait too read it:)

Here are a few links to some Walton sites!!

You gotta end with Goodnight

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Plain Wisdom by Cindy Woodsmall and Miriam Flaud Book Review

I love Amish fiction and I love Cindy Woodsmall books based in the amish setting. She recently wrote this book along with one of her friends an Old Order Amish woman named Miriam. They became friends through friends. Each lady shares different stories of their life and how pretty much they go through some of the same things. Even though one lives in the Amish way of life and one lives in the Modern way of life. They found a bond with one another and became friends. This was a very good book. It also so included some recipes that I will most definity have to try. I think the book shows that two people from two different worlds can get together and be friends with common interest!! That we all go through some of the same things in life. I love learning about the Amish and I love this book.

I received this book free from Waterbrook  Multnomah Publishers for my honest review

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Glad to be here...

Early this Tuesday morning we were all asleep. Luckily though mom was up and she smelled smoke through the house,she quickly got all of us up and the dogs out of the house. Our heat pump was acting up for a while but last night was the final straw of it. We called 911 and a bunch of police and firetrucks showed up. It was scary cause we didn't know if the whole house could catch on fire at any moment. Finally they found the source and it was the wires sparking or something and they got everything unplugged and told us it was safe to go back in. The smell in the house was horrible we had too open doors and windows and spray a ton of fabreeze. Then we had our gas logs on to keep us warm and then they were not working right so we have had people in and out all day working with the heat pump and gas logs fixing them both. I just praise the Lord we were all alright, if we would have all been asleep well the whole house could have went down and I might not be typing this right now. So I just give praise to the Lord for being there with us and keeping us safe. Thank you Lord!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Thank you!

Just wanted to thank you everyone for the prayers lifted up for me,please keep praying:) Love you all!!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Please Pray..Pray hard for me.

Hello Blog world:)

Hope everyone is having a great weekend. Not been feeling so great myself. My Ocd has me too the point where I can't leave the house good anymore. Please just pray for a miracle on me for God to touch and heal me. I hate missing so many things in life because of it. I don't understand why I have to suffer with this so much,but in the end I know God will see me through,I just have to keep trusting. Some people take for granted just the simple things in life as getting in a car and going somewhere,but me it's got to the point where I can barely leave because the Ocd cranks up so bad. I tried to go to the store last Saturday and had to put my stuff down and stay home cause of the ocd and just being frustrated and tired. The same thing happened tonight. I took a shower and had my pocketbook on my shoulder ready to go out the the store and then I just put everything down and got frustrated. One time in the store awhile back I just left my buggy of stuff sitting in an asle and left and came home.I am just so mentally tired from it all. I have tried everything to get rid of it and nothing works,pretty much the meds just make me sleep. I hate missing out on life and missing church and missing just doing shopping or things for fun for my age. Nobody understands how ocd can affect one's life. Even if I do make it too a store I have to rush in and rush out and hurry right back home,it's no fun at all. I am just really drained and really tired mentally. I just want it to go away. I think of how long some waited in the bible for there miracles,they didn't come right off but they came in God's time. Mom keeps telling me just to hang in there the lord is going to heal me. I just have to keep trusting that. I just want healing. I just want to be ocd free. So please please pray for me:) I have suffered over 10 years with this with it starting as far back as elem.school. I have waited patient and I just please want you to pray for me that lord will heal me. While your praying please pray for the many people in the world that suffer from Ocd and Depression. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Little Buddies

My best little buddies always there by my side when I need them. They love to lay in my bed with me. They always cuddle on each side to where I can't move,but I love them:)

"Little Miss Daisy Duke" AkA Lucy"

"Little Mr. Benji"AKA Ricky"

Get it Lucy and Ricky? They remind me of them from I love Lucy because Daisy is always into something and Benji just watches her in amazement..lol:)

Unplanned By Abby Johnson Book Review

Wow is really all I can say. I have always been Pro-life and believed in having the babies. I don't agree with abortion and I think it's wrong,that is my opinion. I recently had the chance to read this book and it really made me think about why I believe like I do. One Sentence in the book really got me. When women come in for abortion and are planning it,there is one person inside who has no voice or no one to speak for it, the baby inside the person. This book takes you behind the scenes and shows how Abby worked for Planned parenthood for 8 years and even had two abortions of her own,but years of God dealing with her heart it all came to a head when she witness an abortion for the first time and watch the monitor of a lady having one and the baby was fighting on the screen but soon was killed by the item taking it out. She knew right then and there she could not do it anymore! Great book! It truly shows the power of life and how important life is and not to just be thrown away. Abortion is wrong!

I received this book from Tyndale Publishers for my honest review on the book.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I love Teapots and Teacups

I love Teapots and Teacups! They remind me of olden days when people were invited in for talk and fellowship and the tea was brought out for refreshment. The funny thing is though I don't like tea to drink,I tried it once,but I love Teapots and Teacups:) They are just cute and pretty. It came back from a time where people actually had time to fellowship and enjoy each others company:)

I love this one I seen online..it has a girl in a Victorian dress dancing around:)

All photos from photobucket.com

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Choosing to See by Mary Beth Chapman Book Review

I had this book on hold at the library for a long time,waiting for it too be my turn to get it. I loved this book. It was so inspiring. How they put all their faith in God's hands. They lost their daughter Maria when their son by accident hit her in the driveway. She talked about adopting their three little girls from China. It was just an inspiring read to see how God took and used them and brought them through this. Steven is a popular Christian singer and his wife talks about some of the struggles they have been through in life. Just a really good read. Just choosing to "SEE" god in everything and know he has a plan for your life and it's not yours it's his.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

My Journey in Life

What to blog about? Ummm? I don't even know if anybody reads my blog anymore..lol:) I am going to come up soon with something interesting,just don't what. I love just having a place on the web to share my thoughts with and to decorate it..lol. Everything in life is changing and I really don't know where my journey on this road is leading. I get so confused in life about so many things and having Ocd does not help it. I've been really confused lately. My ocd affects my life. I am so tired of it sometimes. People tell me there is a purpose for it and just to keep the faith that God will heal me. I have the faith,trust me I do,but I sometimes just break down and wonder if healing will ever come? I know if it don't happen on this earth,that in heaven I will be free of it. I get so fearful knowing chances are I will wake up with again tomorrow. It's a hard thing to even explain to people. God is truly the only person that knows me even when I can't find the words to say them. I can't stand days like today when I can't even leave the house because it's got me. It's my life though and I have to accept it until if God decides it his will for me to not suffer from ocd no more. There are some days I could go all day and then some days I can't even leave the house to go to church or to a store. Oh yes how I daily wish to be healed and not have to suffer like I do,but God is in control and I am letting him lead my step. I may get angry and I may cry and not understand why I must go through it. I just lean into God and he helps me carry the load. I don't know what my days ahead will bring me but I know who is guiding me and leading me each step of the way:) Wow I don't know how I got into this. I honestly was staring at a blank screen with nothing to blog about and my fingers just started typing this...I say it's just God talking through me:) Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A Little of my Style

So I thought I would take you on a little tour..I moved two pieces of furniture around and cleaned up a bit and decided just maybe it would be something to blog about.

This is my Hat boxes! I love hat boxes,I got them over the years mainly at Cato's on Clearance or really cheap under 4.00. The angel my Great aunt aka "adopted Grandma" gave me for Christmas and a pretty picture I got one year for Christmas and a rose that went with the theme of the picture I got for Valentines one year:)

My book Shelf with various Books,Cd's and special little items I have received over the years. I got that little sign on the wall at a yard sale. It says trust in the Lord with all your heart. I got the shelf free off freecycle. Plus my guitar I never learned how to play..lol and on the bottom some seashells from the beach and I took the real small ones I found and put them in three candle clear holders I won off a blog.

My Various books and Cd's
One of my favorites..I got this nice little vanity and matching chair off freecycle for free!! I love it:) I put two of my special Jewelry boxes and some flowers I got for a birthday one year:) I put three little decor like coffee mugs I didn't want to drink out of under it.
I organized all my perfumes and lotions into a basket I got off freecycle. I got this idea from another blogger years ago off her homemaking blog:) Thanks for the tip Jessica!
My two shelves over my bed. I got these various little pillows on Clearance over the years at Cato's that have cute little sayings on them, the picture I think from a yard sale, a pretty fish frame that my sister painted and made me at the beach one year for my birthday,she went to one of those little places that you can paint stuff. My Little I love Lucy tin from the goodwill and the little high heel was in a freecycle box and the cute little doll that was from my birthday cake one year:) My little teddy bear hanging down that has a charm on it that says Jennifer
Funny little info on this chair. I went to a curb alert off the free section of Craigslist and this little chair was in the mist of it. I had to get it. It reminded me of a Victorian feel. The purple pillow is from freecycle and the others from Cato's.
Well that is a little tour of my room and a little decor..lol..nothing fancy but it's my own style and I like it:) Hope you enjoyed!!

Lady in Waiting Book Review

I recently had the chance to review Lady in Waiting by Susan Meissner. From the very first page I just could not get into the book for some reason. Nothing was drawing me to the characters or to the storyline. I love books in history settings and this book had history time settings when in Lady Jane's part. I liked about the antique store in the modern day Jane,cause I love old stuff. I read about 6 or 7 Chapters into the book and just could not get into it. It was kind of slow starting off and there just never was a place where I was drew in and read with excitement the next page just waiting for what would happen. It might be a good book to some and others may love it and enjoy the storyline,but for me I just could not get into to it no matter how hard I tried.

I received this book free from Waterbrook Multnomah for my honest review.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Tis Winter...

Well blog land tis Winter and we here in the South are most definitely feeling it this season! A system is moving across with Snow and Icy weather! Some parts of my state seen 7in to as little as a dusting. It's snowing outside right now,and the picture below is what we got so far..sadly I am in the section that so far has only got a dusting:( I love snow,but not ice and right now outside it sounds like it's turning over to sleet. I like looking at the pretty snow ,not the falling and dangerous ice. So for all those who wished it were cooler in the middle of summer,are you happy now? Haha..seen that on a status funny update on Facebook. Enjoy your snow if your getting it:)

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Brain Fog...

I really don't know what to write my mind is sorta in a brain fog as to what to write about? There truly is not very much going on. I got a new dvd player for Christmas so I have been watching a lot of my seasons of the Waltons. I love that show. I wish there was more like it and Little house on the Prairie and Road to Avonlea today,most stuff on t.v is just crap now. I just love to cuddle up under my blanket in my room and watch The Waltons. Please pray for my mom after going to the Doctor she started a round of meds and we thought she was feeling better but around this past Monday once all her meds were done she has come down bad with that flu mess again. I got it right before we left town the other day and had it that week but mine luckly cleared up after taking some Nyquil(ever how you spell it) but mom's is just not wanting to go away. So please pray that she will get better soon,I hate seeing her so sick. She can barely talk and her throat is real red. Hope everyone is enjoying the New year!! They are calling for snow around here!!! Did I mention I love snow? Have a great weekend!!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Beach Pictures

So I am now back in routine of day to day without a view of the beautiful ocean. I miss it something terrible. I took so many pictures..cause I am a picture freak..lol:) You can never have too many pictures I say. So below is a link to my beach pictures I posted on Facebook,it's a public link so you don't have to have a facebook to view it. If you have trouble let me know and I will try to upload a few here. Me and sis went out shopping Saturday night and while coming back to the hotel a person made an illegal uturn and was turning into all this traffic coming his way,and we missed hitting him by a hair,the other car beside us got him and we seen them crash. It could have so easy been us in the space of just a few seconds. Luckily the cars didn't bounce off and hit us or flying parts hit us cause it crashed right beside me on my side. I thank the Lord for keeping us safe. It really makes you think how quickly life can come to an end. You can be taking pics and having fun one minute and gone the next. Then I start thinking what was so important and why was this person so in a hurry that they decided to make a uturn on on coming traffic and risk their lives but others as well? People need to slow down!! I just thank the Lord nobody was hurt. We had a great time at the beach and I loved ringing in the new year there! People were lighting fireworks on the beach and taking pics and blowing horns. We also got to see the fireworks set off at Broadway at the Beach too. So it was some nice family time. Hope everyone is enjoying their new year:) God bless!

Click here for Pictures

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Year a Little late..

Sorry I have not been on in a couple days. I rang in the New year at the Beach!! My sister surprised our family for Christmas with a beach trip!! We had fun and it was beautiful and yeap pictures are coming soon!! Hope you all have a Happy New Year 2011..wow!!! God bless!!