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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A Little of my Style

So I thought I would take you on a little tour..I moved two pieces of furniture around and cleaned up a bit and decided just maybe it would be something to blog about.

This is my Hat boxes! I love hat boxes,I got them over the years mainly at Cato's on Clearance or really cheap under 4.00. The angel my Great aunt aka "adopted Grandma" gave me for Christmas and a pretty picture I got one year for Christmas and a rose that went with the theme of the picture I got for Valentines one year:)

My book Shelf with various Books,Cd's and special little items I have received over the years. I got that little sign on the wall at a yard sale. It says trust in the Lord with all your heart. I got the shelf free off freecycle. Plus my guitar I never learned how to play..lol and on the bottom some seashells from the beach and I took the real small ones I found and put them in three candle clear holders I won off a blog.

My Various books and Cd's
One of my favorites..I got this nice little vanity and matching chair off freecycle for free!! I love it:) I put two of my special Jewelry boxes and some flowers I got for a birthday one year:) I put three little decor like coffee mugs I didn't want to drink out of under it.
I organized all my perfumes and lotions into a basket I got off freecycle. I got this idea from another blogger years ago off her homemaking blog:) Thanks for the tip Jessica!
My two shelves over my bed. I got these various little pillows on Clearance over the years at Cato's that have cute little sayings on them, the picture I think from a yard sale, a pretty fish frame that my sister painted and made me at the beach one year for my birthday,she went to one of those little places that you can paint stuff. My Little I love Lucy tin from the goodwill and the little high heel was in a freecycle box and the cute little doll that was from my birthday cake one year:) My little teddy bear hanging down that has a charm on it that says Jennifer
Funny little info on this chair. I went to a curb alert off the free section of Craigslist and this little chair was in the mist of it. I had to get it. It reminded me of a Victorian feel. The purple pillow is from freecycle and the others from Cato's.
Well that is a little tour of my room and a little decor..lol..nothing fancy but it's my own style and I like it:) Hope you enjoyed!!

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  1. Hey Jennifer...I'm so glad you decided to do something with your room after all!
    I love the hat boxes!! :)


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