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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Pigeon Forge/Gatlinburg Weekend Trip

So this past weekend my family and I went to Pigeon Forge/Gatlinburg TN. It was hot and it was packed with memorial day traffic,but we had a good time:) Here are a few pictures. Hope everyone had a great weekend.
We didn't go in the museum,but it's cool too look at on the outside. Never seen a upside down one like this
Seen this from the road,it was a neat museum with the faces carved in the side of it.
Pretty Cross near the mountain
We ate at the Happy Day's Diner one night. It was so cute,it is a 50's style one with Happy Days names as some of the food.
I love the beautiful mountains at night
A pretty river in Gatlinburg
A pretty waterfall in Gatlinburg
We went to Christ in the Smokies gardens in Gatlinburg. You go through 12 scenes of Jesus life and each scene tells the stories of his life. All the figures are human like wax figures. You ended in this pretty garden at the end.

Beautiful waterfall at the Old Mill in Pigeon Forge

We seen the Smoky Mountain Opry,it was very good!!

Yeap they were in the air playing
He flew right over our heads..very neat

The other show was Hatfields and Mccoys Dinner Show and it was served with some great food!
A lot of funny decor around the building
They had goats,chickens,turkeys and a pig outside the building

Thursday, May 24, 2012

I was Awarded...

It was so nice to be awarded by Vicki. She always leaves me such sweet comments and I am so happy to have her as a blogger friend:)

So I am supposed to list 7 Random things about me

1. One of my Favorite movies is Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. I love that movie and I love the movies that are clean and you don't have to worry about stuff in it.
2. I grew up in the same house all my life from when we first built the house, and then last summer we had to move out here to TN
3. I love reading Amish Fiction and when we moved here was I surprised when I found out we moved near a bunch of Amish groups.
4. I would rather sit and read a book in my room,then to go out on the weekends and act like most people my age do.
5. I am against Abortion,Gay Marriage,Drinking,Sex before marriage,Partying and Clubing..most of the world things.
6. I am southern but too be honest I hate Tea...I know a southern staple in life,but I can't drink the stuff..haha
7. I am just a simple person who enjoys just living a simple life

Well I tried too come up with a few different ones. I hope you enjoyed this and thanks again to Vicki for giving me this award. I award this too all my blogger friends because it's hard to choose between any or you. God bless!!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Day Trip: Fort Donelson

This past weekend we were on our way to visit a lake near our town and on the path to there we come across Fort Donelson National Battlefield. They had an interesting museum and you drove through the park to look at different areas along the path,that took place during the Civil War. This was all about the battle fought at this site. Below are some pictures.

Different displays in the museum

 I thought this little kit was so interesting on how advanced medical care has became

 We also went into a room and watched a short movie about it.
 Cute gift shop
 Different things set out along the road that were part of the fight here

 These canons were down by the river area
 The beautiful river overlook inside the park that had a part in the battle

I don't know a lot about the Civil War,but this was very interesting and I love seeing and learning historic stuff.

Want to be Pen Pals?

So is anyone interested in being my Snail Mail Pen Pal? I already write with some of you,but would always love to write and mail with anyone else too:) So if your interested email me,my email is on the side bar or in my profile. I love sending and receiving:)