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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Day Trip: Fort Donelson

This past weekend we were on our way to visit a lake near our town and on the path to there we come across Fort Donelson National Battlefield. They had an interesting museum and you drove through the park to look at different areas along the path,that took place during the Civil War. This was all about the battle fought at this site. Below are some pictures.

Different displays in the museum

 I thought this little kit was so interesting on how advanced medical care has became

 We also went into a room and watched a short movie about it.
 Cute gift shop
 Different things set out along the road that were part of the fight here

 These canons were down by the river area
 The beautiful river overlook inside the park that had a part in the battle

I don't know a lot about the Civil War,but this was very interesting and I love seeing and learning historic stuff.


  1. great friend! i love your inspiration!
    take care..will be busy these days...but thinking of you..byee..

  2. Ooooohhhhh ... Jennifer, this post just satisfied something in me that has been hungry for a long time! I love Civil War memorials and museums, and was just recently bewailing the fact that we haven't been to one in years. Thank you so much for your beautiful and lovely and awesome post!!


    Aaaand ... I also have awarded you over at my blog. :-) Come on over and check it out!



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