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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Fun at a 1850's Wedding!!

If you know me or just by looking at my blog you can tell,I love any old stuff from the past. I live near Land Between the Lakes in KY. I love "The Homeplace". It is really one of the best living history farms I have seen. Live animals and costume workers all the time. I just really love it. I missed the event last year,but I got to go yesterday to it this year. A reenactment of a 1850's wedding!! I loved it. Call me a nerd or dork or whatever,but I love history things like this. I love seeing, hearing or reading about time periods in the past. Here is a few pictures from this weekend. I didn't take any really of the farm because I have a bunch I took already on another trip. If you want to see those Posts click below

On to this weekend!!

The Single Pen house where the wedding took place
and the ducks below were invited to the wedding I guess?

 The Groom showed up. Along with the preacher and Bride's Brother
 I love the wedding veil and gloves.
Felt like you were back in time sitting with all the people!
 Putting a shoe on the brides forehead and then passing it to the new husband. Reminded the bride that authority over her has passed to her new husband. In turn, the groom promised to treat his wife well.
The mother brushed the bride with a small sheaf of 
wheat to symbolically ensure fertility in the marriage

 Married! It was so cute.

They served Cake and Cider to all the guest
They did the cake cutting
 First dance. The waltz.
Virginia Reel Dance
 “Run for the Broom” game played by single men
 “Toss the Cat in the Quilt,” game for the single ladies 
 “Catch the Bride’s Sock,” game. Removes brides sock and throws for single ladies to catch it

"The Virginia Reel Dance"
(You can turn off background music at bottom of page to watch video)
A short clip of the first dance

I hope you enjoyed this post!! I had a great time!!

Happy Easter!!

Happy Easter Day too all of you!! May God bless you all!!

He is not in the tomb,he has risen!!! 
John 3:16 -" For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life."

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Little of this and a little of that...

Welcome Spring or should I say maybe Spring? This past week we have had a mixture of everything. From Rainy days to strong winds and yes even Snow!! I thought that was all over with. We have not had any snow all winter and then it's officially Spring and here it is. Crazy weather I tell you! 

Mom took some pictures. It happened early in the morning when I was still sleeping..lol

 Miss Daisy singing!! Meaning she is just barking at anything and nothing at all:) LOL!!

My sister went shopping in Dickson with a friend the other day. Well she knows I love anything Vintage looking or old. She seen this beautiful key chain and bought it for me. I love it!!!!!! I love cameos. They are so beautiful. 

Please be in prayer for my sister she is having Surgery in April to remove a cyst. Praying that all goes safe and well and they won't have to remove any of her ovaries. 

I am also on a fast from facebook. I just felt lead to stay away from it for a while. It was taking up too much of my time and all the posting and fighting over gay marriage was just getting me down. I needed to step away and find something else to put my time into. I enjoy going around commenting and visiting blogs. A lot less arguing and stuff on here. So I felt the need to just let it go for a little while.

Well I hope everyone is doing good!!! God bless!!

My Home

It's a long and dusty road that my feet,they are traveling on, 
and sometimes oh the clouds are dark and low, 
oh but I've got, I've got to keep the faith and walk the straight and the narrow way 
to reach that place that I will call my home. 

For my home is just around the bend, 
I think about it now and then,
reunions by the millions everywhere, 
But the one that I so long to see is the One who bled and died for me,
My home, My home, A place I long to be. 

Now so many hold this old world so dear, 
but I am just a stranger here 
just passing through on a temporary stay, 
but I'm looking forward to the time when all of heaven it will be mine 
I'll watch and pray for it could be just any day. 


For my home is just around the bend, 
I think about it now and then, 
My home my home a place I long to be.

My home my home a place I long to be, 
Thats my home.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Tracy Stuffle Benefit Concert Photos

This past Tuesday night me and mom went to Christ Church in Nashville. We attended the Tracy Stuffle of "The Perry's" gospel group benefit concert. He has been in the hospital over 60 days due to a stroke. A lot of acts came together to sing and raise money for the hospital bills which will be out of this world I imagine. It was a wonderful night of singing. I think around 10 were saved and 25 Rededicated their lives to the Lord. I took some pictures and wanted to share.

Joseph Habedank of The Perry's and Jason Crabb hosted the show
All the singers came out and sang a song together.

The Bowlings
Gold City
Karen Peck and New River
Claude and Connie Hopper, Taranda Greene

Booth Brothers
Libbi Perry made a special appearance to sing with her group.

 Praying over and anointing Libbi Perry

 The Isaacs
 The Collingsworth Family
 Ricky Skaggs
 My Favorite group ever Dailey and Vincent

 Mark Lowry

 Ernie Haase & Signature Sound
 The Oak Ridge Boys
 Jason Crabb Singing

 Libbi thanking everyone for support and prayers for her husband