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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Little of this and a little of that...

Welcome Spring or should I say maybe Spring? This past week we have had a mixture of everything. From Rainy days to strong winds and yes even Snow!! I thought that was all over with. We have not had any snow all winter and then it's officially Spring and here it is. Crazy weather I tell you! 

Mom took some pictures. It happened early in the morning when I was still sleeping..lol

 Miss Daisy singing!! Meaning she is just barking at anything and nothing at all:) LOL!!

My sister went shopping in Dickson with a friend the other day. Well she knows I love anything Vintage looking or old. She seen this beautiful key chain and bought it for me. I love it!!!!!! I love cameos. They are so beautiful. 

Please be in prayer for my sister she is having Surgery in April to remove a cyst. Praying that all goes safe and well and they won't have to remove any of her ovaries. 

I am also on a fast from facebook. I just felt lead to stay away from it for a while. It was taking up too much of my time and all the posting and fighting over gay marriage was just getting me down. I needed to step away and find something else to put my time into. I enjoy going around commenting and visiting blogs. A lot less arguing and stuff on here. So I felt the need to just let it go for a little while.

Well I hope everyone is doing good!!! God bless!!


  1. The snow is so beautiful! Hope your sis' surgery goes well! :)

  2. It seems that everyone is having strange weather for spring.

    Your cameo key chain is lovely. I will be keeping your sister in my thoughts in regards to her surgery.



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