"This Blog made to bring Glory and Praise to the Lord"

How to be Saved

It says and answers it all in
"John 3:16"

"Jesus built a bridge into Heaven with only two planks of wood and a few nails."

"Money can buy riches and goods, but you can’t buy your way into Heaven"

How must one be Saved?
~Pray and simply ask God to Forgive you of your sins,Believe he died on the Cross for you and Trust in him as your Lord and Savior and ask him to come into your heart and life and save you~
It's that easy

~Trust in the lord as your savior ~
~Be forgiven~

After your Saved
~Pray to God Daily~
~Read your Bible for your spiritual food and for learning about God~
~Find you a good Bible based Church to attend weekly~
~Seek God's Direction in every part of your life~

~Welcome to Jesus Child, if you have trusted him as your savior~