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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Whew...what a time!!!

Hello all,
So sorry for the long blogging post delay. I am back home in NC at my sister's place. My family went home to NC for Christmas the Saturday before Christmas and we had plans for staying the whole week and leaving the next Sunday. Well other plans decided to happen. We did get to stay all week! Dad went home on Sunday to get back to work. Me though? Well out of all times early this past Saturday morning I got a really bad cough and it would not stop. I thought it was allergies and went to walmart and got some meds. Well as the day went on I kept getting worse and more sick. I decided their was no way I could make the long ride home to TN the next day. So me and Mom stayed here. I decided to go to the doctor on Sunday. My fever spiked as high as 103!! They did chest x-rays and a flu test and yeap I tested postive for the flu :( So I am being treated for the flu plus meds for pneumonia so if I did have that it would treat it. What a long weekend it has been. My mom now has a fever and feeling sick. Please be in prayer for us? Thank you so much!!

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