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Monday, December 2, 2013

Thanksgiving back home...

Hello all,
So sorry for not waiting lately. I hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving!! Right before we were suppose to go home to NC,a winter storm was blowing through. It was also going to be right in the path of the road we took through the mountains to get home. So after watching all the weather we decided we didn't want to risk going down the mountains in snowy and icy weather. So we thought we were not going. The day we are suppose to leave though all the reports were saying the roads were pretty clear and it would be ok. So we took the chance and left Wednesday around lunch and we made it home for Thanksgiving!!! We ran into some snow and slick roads around the mountains in some parts. Other than that we made it just fine. We were able to spend Thanksgiving with my sister and meet up with a bunch of family at different times. My sister lives in the same complex and Grandpa and Uncle live in. So we were all in the same area..lol :) It was so good to see everybody and home!! We made it home last night after all day on the road. It took us longer than usual because of so much holiday traffic and traffic Jams due to road constructions. We were at the last exit before our exit on the hwy and we hit another Jam and were stuck for awhile. We were like 2 minutes away and were like we were almost there..lol..finally we hit out exit and I said Amen!!! I don't like traveling in a car so long.

Clear one minute and the next light snow to slick roads.

The roads going down on some parts.

 Quick stop by Maggie Valley on the way home

Love how the water freezes off the mountains.
She loves doing this!!!

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