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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Book Review:Jesus Calling Devotional Bible

I recently got the chance to review this bible and I love it. It is the NKJV. It has all the chapters of the bible like a regular bible. Then plus a index to subjects you want to read about or what your going through. Sarah Young the one who writes devotion books has over 200 devotion from her other books placed throughout this one as devotions in it too answer prayers from what we may be praying or going through and it answers it like what God might say to you.  It highlights important bible verses on the side. I really like this bible and will use it as a devotion bible. It has so many wonderful ones throughout the whole book.This is a wonderful version for a devotion bible to have devotions from and learn new things:) I am glad to get too own a copy!

I got this book free from booksneeze free for my honest review

Stop and think...

I was reading in a devotion book and she had a good thought on Judgement. It really made me think. I have been guilty of it before and you have been guilty of it before. Judging something or someone without knowing the full story on the person. Here are a few of what the book wrote and few ones I came up with.

* That person such as a elderly lady or man holding up checkout line taking their time or talking and it seems like it's taking forever to get through the line. Or maybe your in a hurry and somebody has stopped you and you don't know them and they are talking to you. Did you ever stop and think that they might be lonely and that after they leave they are going to an empty house where their spouse is no longer living and their kids are out of the house. Take the time to just be patient and listen to them and give them a smile or talk with them. It might be the only talking or kindness they get all week.

*That slow car going on the road and your getting upset and wanting to whip around it and yelling for it please go faster. Well I never thought this but did you think maybe they just got bad news from the doctor and their going home to tell their family, or maybe they just left somewhere after losing a love one or maybe they had a bad day losing their job and wondering how they are going to support their family? Be patient their might be a reason that car is going slow. They might have a lot of things on their mind.

*That person with the handicap sticker on their window that park in the handicap space and you see them walking across the parking lot and they seem fine well maybe they have a heart problem or something you can't see on the outside and they truly need that parking space. Think before you say something.

*That person that seems to have it all together and always a smile on their face,well maybe behind close doors they suffer from something we don't see such as depression,etc..Maybe everything isn't always perfect for them.

So you get what I'm trying to say. That is just a few examples and I will be the first to admit I am guilty of these things too and after reading about this in my book. I will stop and think before I speak next time. We all are guilty of judging at one point. Just stop and think about these things and stop and think their might be a story behind the person:)

Friday, September 23, 2011

Fall is Here...

My Favorite time of year is finally here...Fall!

Ecclesiastes 3:1"To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven"

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Decorating on a Budget

So I have almost completed my Bedroom. I still have like 1 or 2 more items to get but pretty much it's almost put together finally. I have just been taking my time and finding sales. I am a very frugal person..lol:)

My Bed found it at Goodwill for 19.99..happy moment when I found that deal:) The Pictures I got at Walmart. The Wall Decals I found in the Dollar Tree!!! I found the Bedspread on sale at K-mart for 16.99 and got the pillow at Walmart. I also found matching sheets on clearance at Walmart for 8.00
 Got my window coverings for $5 a panel on sale at K-mart:)
 Got the Wall Decals from the Dollar Tree,can't beat 1.00:) I have had the picture from when I got it at Christmas one year
 Lampshade from walmart on Clearance for 4.00 and the Lamp Base from Goodwill for 3.99. I put the poem my sweet cousin sent me in a frame and added two of my pictures too it. I got the table at Walmart

 Bookshelf from Walmart. The cute saying from my sweet cousin she sent I framed and put on the top shelf. The picture my sweet blogger friend sewed on my second shelf. Most all the books here are ones I have been given,gotten free to review on my blog and brought cheap at yard sales and thrift stores. On the bottom shelf my fish frame my sister painted and made for me one year for my birthday. Plus there is my I love Lucy tin I got at goodwill one time.
 Hat boxes brought on clearance through the years and two pictures from yard sales and thrift stores.

 Favorite wall decor as I walk out of my room:)
 Over my bedroom closet

Well hope you enjoyed my little tour..lol...I will post pictures when I get the last few things done. I don't know about you but I just like simple cheap thrifty priced stuff:)

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Book Review:Life Application Devotion Book

I recently had the chance to review this Bible Devotion book. This is a devotion book from the Life applications study Bible. It takes on different parts from the life of Jesus. It goes by the week with a different part from the life of Jesus and each day it gives you a devotion to study each day. It's filled with a wide range of topics on the life of Jesus and gives you bible verses to go too and read and what part of the bible it is coming from. It is very well put together and easy to follow along. A very good book if you want to have certain topics on the life of Jesus each day to learn and have devotions. Very nice Read to take you through his life and to learn more about Jesus.

I received this book free from Tyndale for my honest review.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Book Review:The Wonder of your Love By Beth Wiseman

Katie Ann is a Amish Woman who lost her husband to the English world and then he died in a accident. She was pregnant with his child. Eli has been a widow since losing his wife 17 years before and raising all his children on his own. Now with all his children grown and out of the house with children of their own. Eli comes to a wedding in the town where Katie Ann is and is attracted to her. He has his own plans for travel and being free though after raising all his children alone. She is just a new mother starting out in motherhood. They become fast friends but can he put aside his own plans and can she forgive her former husband for the hurt he had caused her so both of them will follow God's plan? I found this to be a sweet love story based in the Amish life. I love Amish fiction and Beth Wiseman has proven her wonderful writing again with a wonderful book in the 2nd book in the series Land of Canon. I got the book on a Monday and Finished on Tuesday. Great read and I recommend it to anyone who wants a nice little read.

I received this book free from booksneeze for my honest review

Monday, September 19, 2011

TV Gadget:Deal or Dud

We were at a thrift store the other week and everything in the store was 50% off:) Mom found a brand new one of those tv gadget things that are suppose to make brownies perfect. So she bought it for like two something and she tried it. It made the best brownies and she also found another use for it...cornbread!!

 Once you pour the batter in and it has baked,all you do is pull out the thing after it cools and you have perfect squares.
 It makes 12 of what you make:) This was after supper when I took the picture..lol

So was it a deal or a dud?


Book Review:Where will you go from Here? By Valorie Burton

Have you ever found yourself in the Ditch? Fallen and can't seem to get out of it. Weather it be by a setback in life such as Divorce,Money problems or Health problems. Sometimes you didn't even see it coming. In this book she shares different things you can do to climb back up again and live again from your setback you have fallen into. She give different quotes,Bible Verses and also real stories from people who found themselves down and climb up again. I found this book to be very good and enjoyed reading it. I found myself taking notes and writing down the quotes and verses she wrote. If you have faced a setback or something that has totally blindsided you this is the book for you. You can choose to stay down or choose to get up and face the setback head on. Good book and read!

I received this book free from the publisher for my honest review

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Biscuit Donuts...

So when I was in like 4th grade..a long time ago..lol:) Our teacher one day made this recipe with us and it was so easy to make. It has stuck with me for a long time. I have not made it in forever but for some reason I thought of it today and thought you might like to try it sometime.

1 Can of Biscuits
Choice of Toppings for Different Flavors (Icings,Sugar,Sprinkles,Etc..you get the picture,anything good..lol)

Take the biscuits and take a Bottle top from a Soda bottle and press into the middle making a hole and putting that dough aside. Then drop each Biscuit into either a Hot Deep fryer or Pan with Hot Oil turning them over on both sides to cook and cook til golden brown:) Take them out and drain the excess grease off on a paper towel. Simple as that! Then you take a top it with whatever topping you like:) You can also take a bag and shake them in powered sugar as well. Simple right? Oh and those leftover pieces that you cut the circles out well roll them babies up in a ball and you got donut holes you can cook and make:) I have seen online where you can get very creative with these. You can cut the middle of donuts into different shapes like Hearts,etc...and then cook the shapes:) So there you go a fun a simple way to make cheap donuts at home:) Yummy and Cheap:)

Friday, September 16, 2011

Good Morning God...

Good Morning God
By Helen Steiner Rice

You are ushering in another day

untouched and freshly new.

So here I come to ask You God

if You’ll renew me too?

Forgive the many errors, that

I made yesterday, and let me try

again dear God

to walk closer in Thy way.

But Father I am well aware

I can’t make it on my own.

So take my hand and hold it tight.

for I can’t walk alone.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Lookie what I got..

So have you guessed what this is yet? It's an Indian Arrowhead!! It's not fake either it's a real live Indian arrowhead:) A man that works with my dad has been telling him about them. They are real easy to find in this area and the man hunts for them and sometimes they sell for like up to 10,000 dollars. My dad told him I thought it was interesting and he gave my dad one to give me!!! I am not sure how old it is? It could be up to 1000's of years old!! It's so cool to know that a Indian handmade this out of rock so long ago. I love History!!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

What has happen to the Hymn Book?

Me and my Mom has been pondering a thought recently. Why are so many churches leaving the Hymn book behind? Why do some make you try out for the choir? Why are some doing away with choirs? What happen to just singing out of the old Hymnal Book and singing from the heart? What's with all the fancy gadgets where there are lights everywhere and the lyrics are on the wall? Sorry but I still like the old fashion way of opening up a hymn book and singing from the heart. People can have their modern ways but I think I like the old path just fine. It was good enough and worked for generations. God does not change. Why should we change worship ways to please man? Sorry but I guess I am just an old fashion Hymn book singing gal. It was good enough for people before me and good enough for me now. God bless the churches that still take a stand for the old fashion way:)

Monday, September 12, 2011

Just one day Closer...

Hey my bloggy friends!!
Hope all is well in your corners of the world. So I decided to take a break from facebook for awhile. I just get tired of it sometimes of it..lol. Plus I just want to focus more on other things and writing more on this blog. I get so tired sometimes and I am wore out here lately. Mentally I am just wore out from the OCD. I am on 3 different meds right now and I feel no change. I know there is no cure for ocd,but you would think the meds would take some of it away and give me some rest from it. It just really wears me out to go through each and every day I wake up. I am not trying to grumble or complain. I try to smile in spite of the trials I face,but it just gets hard sometimes. I still though praise the Lord for his many blessings and getting me through the days. I have no answers for why I go through what I go through. I pray for a healing and miracle everyday. You know what though. I just keep telling myself that if I don't get healed on this side. I'm one day closer to heaven and oh will I find my healing and perfect peace there. So my friend if your going through something. Just tell yourself "I'm one day closer to Heaven" where this will pass over in glory:) God bless you all.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Today I remember...

Today may we remember all the lives that were lost and people changed forever 10 years ago. God bless all the families who lost love ones and God bless our Troops for serving our country and protecting America. God Bless America!!!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Port Royal State Park,Tennessee

Today I went down the road right near our house to a State Park and took a walk. It was nice and peaceful and filled with history. I was the only one there so I had it too myself:)

 Part of the Trail where Indians walked on the "Trail of Tears"
 "Trail of tears Trail"

 "A pretty little River running through"
 I think this Steel Bridge was made in the 1880's

 What's left of an old bridge I think

Such a very peaceful place it was. I enjoyed my time there. I also enjoy seeing History still alive for that is what started America,we should never forget our Ancestors and History:)