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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Book Review:If you have a Craving,I have a cure by Sheri Rose Shepherd

I recently got to review this book. At first I thought it would be another Diet like book,but it wasn't. It blends together Faith and food. Each chapter is a certain craving dealing with life. Such as when your craving real fun or even romance. Each chapter is devoted to one certain craving with three things as to what to do about it,bible verses and recipes matching to the theme. I found it to be a quick read as I read through it very quickly. The chapters are not long and most of the book is filled with recipes and a lot of them. Some of the recipes call for a lot and some are simple and easy to make. I found a few that I would considered making. I found the whole book to be a light not to deep read. Gives you some things to think on but not really deep thinking. I think the whole concept of the book was a good idea and I liked it. Plus for all you tech lovers at the end of each chapter it includes a code to scan on your phone to go to more information and also includes a link for people that don't have that on their cell phone. It was a nice read and something different!!

I received this book free from Tyndale Books for my honest review

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Not Drinking...

I guess you could call me boring that is according to the world's standards. I was home in my bedroom tonight watching a movie on my Laptop. Most nights I am reading or messing on the computer and spending time with my family. I am far far far from perfect and don't pretend to be. Something though I have been thinking about lately. What do people get out of drinking or wild parties? 

What is so sad is seeing someone go out on Saturday night after drinking and doing all these worldly things and then being a Christian on Sunday morning. It's great they are in church and they need to be there,but it makes me wondering what are they being taught there to think it's OK to be wild on Saturday night and any other day, but when church day comes they are acting like a good Christian. We need the preachers and teachers that are going to stand up and say that drinking is bad. 

I hear the excuses all the time,"God turned water into wine" and "they drank wine at the last supper" or "The bible says not to get drunk off of it". My answer to all this. Well we truthfully don't know what kind of drink it was. In today's time look at all the worldly things drinking causes. Even social drinking is wrong to me. Drinking is something that is linked to worldly things. Such as getting drunk,acting wild,partying,bars,sinful acts and taking food off families tables and roofs over their head due to addiction of alcohol. Plus innocent people being killed in a drinking and driving accident. I don't agree with living one way through the week and then another on Church day.

 If your a Christian you need to show it each and every day. You need to show the world we are different. Christians should not partake in going to Clubs,bars,drinking, and things that can lead to all sorts of wild not good things. So what if everyone is doing it and it's the popular thing to do? Don't follow the crowd! Follow the Lord and his path.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Valentines for my Pups...

 I seen these in the dollar tree tonight and bought a pink one for Daisy and a blue one for Benji. It's their Valentines treat!!!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Valentine's once again...

Valentine's is upon us once again!! The thing is it really hasn't bothered me that I am single again this year!! So many people are jumping in and out of relationships and person after person. I don't think their is nothing wrong with dating as long as it is a clean good time together. Their is no harm in going out with somebody to get to know a person. Weather it be going to a church service together,the movies or grabbing a bite to eat somewhere,bowling. Their are ton of good clean fun you can have and I don't see nothing wrong with that. I am a person who usually knows the first time I meet a guy that no he isn't the one and pretty much end it after the first date. God shows me who is right and who is wrong for me. 

Now I don't approve of going and sleeping with someone before your married and having one night stands or clubbing or drinking. To me that is worldly dating and is not good for a person. Their are so many people today having one night stands and that is so sad. God intended sex to be for Marriage!! Going after person after person and jumping in and out of relationships and having sex and one night stands isn't good and will not get you anywhere.

I dream sometimes of who God has for me or maybe he doesn't have anyone for me. Maybe their is another plan he has. If he does have someone for me. I have standards in what a guy should be. 

He must love God first and put him first in everything. A Godly caring man who is also dedicated to his family. One who does not drink. One who is pure and can come to marriage that way. One who is kind and humble. One who loves others and is slow to anger. One who is respectful. One who helps others. One who has a good sense of humor and then also knows when to be serious. One who holds my hand through the trials of our life. Someone simple and does not need fancy things. I could go on,but I think you get the picture!

Don't settle young people. 
Wait for the one God has chosen for you. Stay pure and don't follow the wrong crowd. Wait for the Lord to send you the person,the godly person he has for you!

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Vintage Love...

Me and mom went to some thrift stores today. While out we decided to stop at this Antique store. I love old stuff and this place was loaded down with it. Two floors of vintage goodness!! I always drift through these places and wonder what the people who owned the items were like and what their stories were. I really get curious when I see old pictures that have ended up in them. I wonder about the person in the picture and why isn't it still in a family's care somewhere? What and who was the person? They lived a life somewhere. How did their picture end up in a Antique Store? 
 Love this hutch and the country prim type look to it. 
 Cutest stitching of that Bible Verse!!
 Isn't that little dress darling?
 Loved these dishes. It had the most pretty flower pattern!
Loved this old bike:) What can I say? It's just plain vintage!!

I didn't buy anything today,but me and mom had a wonderful time looking at all the old stuff! Such treasures can be found in places like these!!

This store was located in Clarksville TN at "This Old Place"

Monday, February 4, 2013

Threads of Grace by Kelly Long

Plot: Grace's autistic son needs a life that is safe and consistent. Seth wants to leave his flirting days behind him and settle down. Deep in the heart of the Allegheny Mountains of Pennsylvania, the beautiful and weary Amish widow, Grace Beiler, is not looking for a husband—especially one so much younger than her. But handsome and smitten Seth Wyse stumbles upon a way to help her and they marry to keep Grace’s autistic son safe from his ill-intentioned uncle. Grace soon discovers that she is far from immune to her young husband’s experienced charm and realizes that her first marriage has not destroyed her capacity for love. Seth Wyse seeks counsel from his older brother, Jacob, when playing the game of pursuing his wife becomes more dangerous to both his heart and life than he ever imagined.Yet God can give Grace and Seth a passion for family and each other that teaches them the ways of the Master Quilter through the tangled and tender threads of their lives.

My thoughts:I just got the chance to read and review this book. I have read the other's in this series by Kelly Long and have enjoyed all of them. I read this one in no time. I loved Grace and Seth as a couple and the main characters in the book. It all centers around God's grace in your life. I thought the book was going to go one way with the character Tobias showing up,but it went a totally different way. I love that it was different from other Amish fiction as the characters were different then what you see in other Amish books. You feel like you know them and get really engaged in their story. Grace is a deep character that has put up with a lot in her past and finds it hard to trust men. Seth is so loving toward her and treats her with such patience and respect. I love her son Abel and this character is autistic and they touch on that subject in the book. It deals with a lot you don't think about in a Amish life. It's all about the ties the bind us together with grace. I very much enjoyed this book and you can read it as a stand alone book without having to read the other two in the series.

I received this book free from booksneeze for my honest review

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Thrifty Fun...

I love the first Saturday of every month in my area! They have 50% off day at the Goodwill. Everything in the store is 50% off. I love thrift shopping you never know what you will find and at this price who would want to pay full price? I got the following 2 items that I love at such a great deal!!!

 The pocketbook on top I got for Spring/Summer months. It was 3.99 and I got it for $2.00
The pocketbook below still had all it's original store tags on it from Target and brand new!! It wraps around me so I love that. It will be perfect for yard sales this Summer when getting in and out of the car!! It was $9.99 brand new at target. It was priced $5.99 at goodwill and I got it for $3.00!! 

So in all I got the two pocketbooks,2 picture frames and 2 candles holders all for $8.00. That is cheaper then what I would have paid for the one bag brand new at target. I'm not at all above shopping Thrift and Yard Sales,such good deals and extra savings!!