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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Vintage Love...

Me and mom went to some thrift stores today. While out we decided to stop at this Antique store. I love old stuff and this place was loaded down with it. Two floors of vintage goodness!! I always drift through these places and wonder what the people who owned the items were like and what their stories were. I really get curious when I see old pictures that have ended up in them. I wonder about the person in the picture and why isn't it still in a family's care somewhere? What and who was the person? They lived a life somewhere. How did their picture end up in a Antique Store? 
 Love this hutch and the country prim type look to it. 
 Cutest stitching of that Bible Verse!!
 Isn't that little dress darling?
 Loved these dishes. It had the most pretty flower pattern!
Loved this old bike:) What can I say? It's just plain vintage!!

I didn't buy anything today,but me and mom had a wonderful time looking at all the old stuff! Such treasures can be found in places like these!!

This store was located in Clarksville TN at "This Old Place"


  1. It's been quite some time since I have visited any antique stores, but I truly enjoy them. My husband likes them too, and when we go, we can literally spend hours looking at all the unique little items. :)


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