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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Not Drinking...

I guess you could call me boring that is according to the world's standards. I was home in my bedroom tonight watching a movie on my Laptop. Most nights I am reading or messing on the computer and spending time with my family. I am far far far from perfect and don't pretend to be. Something though I have been thinking about lately. What do people get out of drinking or wild parties? 

What is so sad is seeing someone go out on Saturday night after drinking and doing all these worldly things and then being a Christian on Sunday morning. It's great they are in church and they need to be there,but it makes me wondering what are they being taught there to think it's OK to be wild on Saturday night and any other day, but when church day comes they are acting like a good Christian. We need the preachers and teachers that are going to stand up and say that drinking is bad. 

I hear the excuses all the time,"God turned water into wine" and "they drank wine at the last supper" or "The bible says not to get drunk off of it". My answer to all this. Well we truthfully don't know what kind of drink it was. In today's time look at all the worldly things drinking causes. Even social drinking is wrong to me. Drinking is something that is linked to worldly things. Such as getting drunk,acting wild,partying,bars,sinful acts and taking food off families tables and roofs over their head due to addiction of alcohol. Plus innocent people being killed in a drinking and driving accident. I don't agree with living one way through the week and then another on Church day.

 If your a Christian you need to show it each and every day. You need to show the world we are different. Christians should not partake in going to Clubs,bars,drinking, and things that can lead to all sorts of wild not good things. So what if everyone is doing it and it's the popular thing to do? Don't follow the crowd! Follow the Lord and his path.


  1. amen and amen...i also hear for years...that noa drunk in those days..and more stuff is being used to talk like its ok...

    no its not..thats also what the bible speaks of fornication...

    no church is perfect..but a church community that stands for morals and values according to the bible
    is to me a good church

    no one is perfect or saint...but talking about a holy God and doing other stuff isnt correct

    your right blessings

  2. Go Jennifer! If more people would speak out like you, maybe it would help!

  3. Jesus turned the water into grape juice. If He would have turned it into wine(alcohol) He would have sinned.

  4. Some food for thought:


    "The ancients did not have refrigeration or any other method of preventing grape juice from fermenting."


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