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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Valentine's once again...

Valentine's is upon us once again!! The thing is it really hasn't bothered me that I am single again this year!! So many people are jumping in and out of relationships and person after person. I don't think their is nothing wrong with dating as long as it is a clean good time together. Their is no harm in going out with somebody to get to know a person. Weather it be going to a church service together,the movies or grabbing a bite to eat somewhere,bowling. Their are ton of good clean fun you can have and I don't see nothing wrong with that. I am a person who usually knows the first time I meet a guy that no he isn't the one and pretty much end it after the first date. God shows me who is right and who is wrong for me. 

Now I don't approve of going and sleeping with someone before your married and having one night stands or clubbing or drinking. To me that is worldly dating and is not good for a person. Their are so many people today having one night stands and that is so sad. God intended sex to be for Marriage!! Going after person after person and jumping in and out of relationships and having sex and one night stands isn't good and will not get you anywhere.

I dream sometimes of who God has for me or maybe he doesn't have anyone for me. Maybe their is another plan he has. If he does have someone for me. I have standards in what a guy should be. 

He must love God first and put him first in everything. A Godly caring man who is also dedicated to his family. One who does not drink. One who is pure and can come to marriage that way. One who is kind and humble. One who loves others and is slow to anger. One who is respectful. One who helps others. One who has a good sense of humor and then also knows when to be serious. One who holds my hand through the trials of our life. Someone simple and does not need fancy things. I could go on,but I think you get the picture!

Don't settle young people. 
Wait for the one God has chosen for you. Stay pure and don't follow the wrong crowd. Wait for the Lord to send you the person,the godly person he has for you!


  1. I love the old photo's. The picture in the center is of a counted cross stitch, I completed it and have it hanging in my master bedroom. There is someone for everyone out there, yours will come too :o) have a nice Valentine's Day ! hugs Jennifer

  2. Amen girlie! We don't need any man but Jesus to complete us! But I like your idea of your future husband...he sounds like a good ol country boy that loves the Lord...sounds like my idea too! lol! Praying for you! :D

  3. wow! praise God..thats the way it should be..you have the mind of christ...loves

  4. Being married is wonderful, but when you look at the Bible and life, that's only a small part of love...all of us are supposed to be marked by Christian love, then there's family love, loving God and His love for us, friendship love...so Happy Valentine's Day! (late!)


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