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Friday, June 29, 2012

Dreams of a Future Home

Pinterest,the place to get all the great ideas and dreams! I came up with a few ideas of what I would want in a home someday! I want a country,shabby chic kind of look if that makes any sense..lol. I see it in my head and some of  the pictures show some of what I love!!! Enjoy as I dream along:)

"Yes this is a picture of the actual Walton's home, I would want something along this line with a big wrap around front porch out in the country looking over fields of countryside"
 "This Kitchen is so darling! I love the simple bright colors and love the hutch. The whole cozy feel of the room"
 "Love this bedroom!! It's colors and cozy feel. I love the wall color"
 "These are the cutest little beds with pretty coverings and I like the table between them"
 "So so cute I love looks like this one. I love the little quilt like towels. This is just beautiful in my opinion"
 I adore this stove and fridge!!
 "I love this pattern and colors,I want to purchase it right now..lol"
 "I love this and love the little stools at the bar. It has a great feel to it"
 "I want one longer than this,but I have always wanted one like the Walton's table"

Well just some ideas and dreaming never hurt anyone!!  I could never pull it off as good as these pictures do. Maybe one day when I marry it could come true. Thanks for dreaming with me:)

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Does a Egg really fry on a Sidewalk?

**Update:I hope the video is now working,I uploaded it to youtube to see if that fix the problem**

Click here for Video

I have always heard the saying "It's hot enough to fry a egg on the sidewalk" Well with really hot weather and it nearing 100 degrees,I decided to test it and see if it was true. Was it a pass or fail. Watch and find out!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Heat and Tea not me!

My dear I do believe it's hot outside. Near the 100 degree mark in my neck of the woods. Not sure if you pick up on it,but I don't do summer heat. Feeling hot and sweaty in the sun just isn't what I would call fun. I enjoy the beautiful world in the Fall/Winter seasons where it's right on track with my temperature readings:) I'm hot by nature,so summer heat doesn't help. At 27 years old I sometimes wonder if I'm in hot flash mode early. I always have a little fan by my bed on and running. Now don't get me wrong I love summer and all the beauty the season brings, I just wish it would not brings it's heat with it. So most southern people as myself would use this time to sit on the front porch drinking ice cold sweet tea. Umm me? not so much,I feel like I'm breaking the southern law.."Call out the guards" wait for it.....I don't drink ice cold sweet tea on the front porch(lowers head in shame) or anywhere or anytime for that matter, I just can't stand the stuff. Though to make it up I do actually sit on the porch and enjoy talking like any good southern person does. So what do I do to survive the summer heat? Stay inside with the nice cool air of course. I might go out,but it's not for long, my cool air always beckons me back inside. Well I must be going now that you have heard my wisdom on Heat and Tea not me!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Random Useless Facts...

So yes I am bored right now so I decided to make a list of Random useless facts that you may or may not want to read,but if your bored as me then you might keep reading..lol:) These things are no order it's just whatever pops in my head at the moment!

~I love Cherry crush to drink. It was coming in bottles now I can't find it in anything but cans to buy at all the stores?

~I use to not like spam until I went one summer to visit with some great aunts and one night they finally had meat and after not having any meat the whole week I loved it. Now after so so so many years I am back to ugh can't eat the stuff..lol

~I now how the entire Walton collection,all 9 seasons plus the movie specials. Some may call me a dork but who cares? I love that show and would watch it over anything on today's tv.

~I don't care about name brands if I like something I wear it. Most of my stuff comes from thrift shops and yard sales.

~I'm not into the big chain restaurant places like the Olive Gardens,Red Lobster,Outback..etc...!! I think all those kinds of places are overpriced for what you get and overrated. I would just assume to go to a down home cheap place and eat.

~I hate the mall mostly. I will walk through it and sometimes buy something if it's on clearance or a really good deal,but I would much rather spend my time at yard sales and thrift stores.

~I love Mcd's Chicken Nuggets! There is nothing better when you are hungry.

~Just a random fact if your at Mcd's their double cheeseburgers used to be a 1.00 and they changed the price and then came out with the mcdouble on the 1.00 menu. It's pretty much the same thing so go for the 1.00 one. Just thought I would throw that random advice out there..lol

~It's a world of difference at walmart in the middle of the night or before 6am you have the store all to yourself. No buggies hitting you,no long lines. It's like a whole other world compared to during the day and on weekends.

~My favorite shows are "The Waltons"(of course),Little house on the Prairie,Road to Avonlea(I want to start collecting these seasons,but I gotta save up for that)

~I love the group Dailey and Vincent and if everything works out I hope to go see them in July about 2 hours away near us:)

~I love taking pics,but my favorite is of places,nature and things. People are picky with how they look in a picture(as am I..lol) but things and surroundings can't talk back and say I didn't look good,can we retake that?

Well that is about it right now,if your reading this bravo!! You must be as bored as me!! Til next time Ta ta!!

Friday, June 22, 2012

From my heart..stop the bullying!

I saw a headline the other night on AOL. I read it and watched the video along with it. It was how a bus monitor got bullied by a bunch of teenagers on the bus. I won't post the video here,but it can be found easy online,I am not posting it due to the language and mean words in it. I had so many emotions when watching it. I hurt for the lady and to be honest I just wanted the kids to get a good ole fashion whipping or more. I have never been so angry over a video. What gives one person the right to make fun of somebody else or be cruel to another? Has anyone not got any respect for anyone anymore? Nobody should be made to feel like that and taunted by another person. When is it going to stop? Why is the generation coming up so out of order? There is no respect for nothing anymore. I get so sick of people getting made fun of over weather it's there race,weight or looks. Who gives one person the right to make fun? Why can't everybody just love each other with out regard to what the difference is? So many things are being brought to the Internet you never even know when you might even be brought onto a video and exposed to millions being laughed at on any social site. So many young people and even older ones are killing themselves over being bullied and made fun of. My heart breaks at what society has come too. I can't even put into words how I feel about it. What do people get out of hurting others? Your not any better or cooler because you do it. I think you must be a pretty low person to do something to bring down another human. Stop and think before words or laughs exit your mouth making fun of somebody. Everybody is human and people have feelings. I am so sick of people being made fun or feel bad over their weight or if they are different from somebody else. 

I want to be honest for a minute and tell something not many people know. I have gotten teased and made fun of before or had words spoke to me by others. Mean things that now I have a phobia of anytime I go out. I am scared to death in restaurants or in public places. I am so afraid that somebody is going to say something or laugh at me. It's not fun too live like that. When is making others afraid to even leave their house going to stop? Back in middle school I was coming home on the bus from school one day. I was minding my own business sitting by myself when I heard kids start laughing. Then I felt paper balls,little tiny ones coming over me. They were throwing wet paper balls into my hair and on me. I pretended to read a book and ignore them. I can still hear the words and the laughing from the kids near the back. To this day I have a phobia from that incident that I feel I can never have my hair right because the paper balls were sticking into my hair and I was hearing words she won't never get it out and barrels of laughs coming from the back. It finally was my stop and I got up and I will never forget  this. The bus driver got up and I was hurrying to get off and she stood up and gave me a hug and I burst out crying in her arms. She showed love right when I needed it. I will never forget her for that. She showed what a true human should act like and be toward others. There has been many more incidents in my life that has happen,but that day has stood out to me the most. People have to live with cruel things you do to them.

What all this is coming too. Please stop and think before you laugh or make fun or bully someone else. It can lead to so many things that stay with that person in life. Why do you want to ruin somebody else? It does not make you cooler or better it makes you a sorry human bringing yourself so low. What is it going to take for the bullying in the world to stop? Love one another,don't keep picking on people. It hurts to be picked on and makes one feel like they are not good enough to go into the world or even live. Listen please if you have hurt somebody or made fun of somebody go and say I am sorry and make it right. Learn when your in public to keep your mouth shut and not make anybody feel lower about themselves by laughing or saying hurtful things. We are all human and everybody deserves to feel like they belong and are no different then anybody else. From the bottom of my heart world please listen if I just get through too one person in this post stop and think before speaking words or laughing. It makes you no better!! Stop and think,please stop the bullying in the world.

Everybody is made with no mistakes by God.

Psalm 139:14"I will praise thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made: marvellous are thy works; and that my soul knoweth right well."

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Loretta Lynn Ranch

This past weekend we went to the Loretta Lynn Ranch in Hurricane Mills,TN. I am a big fan of hers and love the movie Coal Miners Daughter. We did the whole tour of the house and museum a long time ago when we came to Nashville on vacation,so this time we just walked through the stores. It is a nice place to go and visit.
They have a little frontier house set up you can walk through

A area set up with stores looks like a mini western town
The beautiful river

Replica of her childhood home
Replica of the coal mines inside
Her tour bus she used to travel in
A store

Her home she lived in now open for tours

Thursday, June 14, 2012

A Sweet Poem

In our lives come many things 
to break the dull routine, 
The things we had not planned on 
that happen unforeseen, 
The unexpected little joys 
that are scattered on my way, 
Success we did not count on 
or a rare, fulfilling day-- 
A catchy, lilting melody 
that makes us want to dance, 
A nameless exaltation 
of enchantment and romance-- 
An unsought work of kindness, 
a compliment or two 
That sets the eye to gleaming 
like crystal drops of dew, 
The unplanned sudden meeting 
that comes with sweet surprise 
And lights the heart with happiness 
like a rainbow in the skies, 
Now some folks call it fickle fate 
and some folks call in chance, 
While others just accept it 
and pleasant happenstance, 
but no matter what you call it, 
it didn't come without design, 
For all our lives are fashioned 
And every happy happening 
and every lucky break 
Are little gifts from God above 
that are ours to freely take. 
~Helen Steiner Rice~

Tuesday, June 12, 2012


This past weekend when we went to Land between the Lakes we also rode through the Bison area. We didn't see anything and thought we wasn't going to see one. Then we rounded a corner and there was a whole herd of Bison! I have never seen one in person. They were right by the cars.