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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Climbing the Rock

I rode by a large pile of rocks the other day,it was grounded into the side of a hill. I thought man I bet that would be tough to climb to the top. Then the thought came to me. It reminded me of our Christian walk. If you tried to walk up the rocks you may have easy steps and keep going for awhile. Then you might stumble or have a hard time climbing at some point. It can be a long and hard hike up sometimes,but in the end it's wonderful when you finally reach the top. Just like in our Christian walk sometimes it will be hard and sometimes it will go along smoothly,a perfect pain free journey was not promised. You may mess up,fall down and have hard times,but in the end you always have the Lord's hand guiding you the whole time and pretty soon you will see you made through.


  1. Thank you, Miss Jennifer...I needed this just now! ♥

  2. This was a good analogy of the Christian walk. We never know what we'll see along the journey, but if we are faithful, the end will be glory forever in heaven with Christ.


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