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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Random Useless Facts...

So yes I am bored right now so I decided to make a list of Random useless facts that you may or may not want to read,but if your bored as me then you might keep reading..lol:) These things are no order it's just whatever pops in my head at the moment!

~I love Cherry crush to drink. It was coming in bottles now I can't find it in anything but cans to buy at all the stores?

~I use to not like spam until I went one summer to visit with some great aunts and one night they finally had meat and after not having any meat the whole week I loved it. Now after so so so many years I am back to ugh can't eat the stuff..lol

~I now how the entire Walton collection,all 9 seasons plus the movie specials. Some may call me a dork but who cares? I love that show and would watch it over anything on today's tv.

~I don't care about name brands if I like something I wear it. Most of my stuff comes from thrift shops and yard sales.

~I'm not into the big chain restaurant places like the Olive Gardens,Red Lobster,Outback..etc...!! I think all those kinds of places are overpriced for what you get and overrated. I would just assume to go to a down home cheap place and eat.

~I hate the mall mostly. I will walk through it and sometimes buy something if it's on clearance or a really good deal,but I would much rather spend my time at yard sales and thrift stores.

~I love Mcd's Chicken Nuggets! There is nothing better when you are hungry.

~Just a random fact if your at Mcd's their double cheeseburgers used to be a 1.00 and they changed the price and then came out with the mcdouble on the 1.00 menu. It's pretty much the same thing so go for the 1.00 one. Just thought I would throw that random advice out there..lol

~It's a world of difference at walmart in the middle of the night or before 6am you have the store all to yourself. No buggies hitting you,no long lines. It's like a whole other world compared to during the day and on weekends.

~My favorite shows are "The Waltons"(of course),Little house on the Prairie,Road to Avonlea(I want to start collecting these seasons,but I gotta save up for that)

~I love the group Dailey and Vincent and if everything works out I hope to go see them in July about 2 hours away near us:)

~I love taking pics,but my favorite is of places,nature and things. People are picky with how they look in a picture(as am I..lol) but things and surroundings can't talk back and say I didn't look good,can we retake that?

Well that is about it right now,if your reading this bravo!! You must be as bored as me!! Til next time Ta ta!!


  1. Great post, I enjoyed reading it! : ) I really like going to yard sales and thrift stores too. It's kind of like a treasure hunt. You've got some good music on here too. Have a blessed week!

  2. love yard sales but in america they have everywhere i guess??? here sometimes...as i lived in a small town..sometimes if the weather is nice like now they do..today they have a big one...i might go...but in amsterdam...they have many big cities..great post jennifer.. loves for your mom too...she is my friend on facebook...have a nice week...

  3. hi im visiting some friends to invite them to the tuesday's musing...its a way to share your cooking recipee a thought Gods word..and to make friends..hope you will join..thanks if you do..blessings


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