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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Heat and Tea not me!

My dear I do believe it's hot outside. Near the 100 degree mark in my neck of the woods. Not sure if you pick up on it,but I don't do summer heat. Feeling hot and sweaty in the sun just isn't what I would call fun. I enjoy the beautiful world in the Fall/Winter seasons where it's right on track with my temperature readings:) I'm hot by nature,so summer heat doesn't help. At 27 years old I sometimes wonder if I'm in hot flash mode early. I always have a little fan by my bed on and running. Now don't get me wrong I love summer and all the beauty the season brings, I just wish it would not brings it's heat with it. So most southern people as myself would use this time to sit on the front porch drinking ice cold sweet tea. Umm me? not so much,I feel like I'm breaking the southern law.."Call out the guards" wait for it.....I don't drink ice cold sweet tea on the front porch(lowers head in shame) or anywhere or anytime for that matter, I just can't stand the stuff. Though to make it up I do actually sit on the porch and enjoy talking like any good southern person does. So what do I do to survive the summer heat? Stay inside with the nice cool air of course. I might go out,but it's not for long, my cool air always beckons me back inside. Well I must be going now that you have heard my wisdom on Heat and Tea not me!


  1. lol I enjoyed your sweet post this beautiful morning...I know I love the heat as a young lady but now not so much either...Hot flashes well It seems that I had them forever as well...since young...never wanted a sweater or anything...who knows really...well since ya don't like the sweet tea...try some nice cool lemonade....don't think about the heat....cover the windows with some white sheets and it will cool things down...it really works...my mama's doings....but I have tried it...love your music...enjoy the day...with love Janice...

  2. I love that picture you posted! You know I have a little secret too... I don't like tea either. I know it is crazy, especially since it's even in my blog name. But I do make a gallon of it a day! My family loves it. I could never get the taste for it. But let's just keep that between you and me, we are in the south. We're liable to be shot if anyone finds out.LOL

    Amy Jo


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