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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Book Review:Winning Balance by Shawn Johnson

I don't know anything about the sport,but I got into the Olympics and was rooting for Shawn Johnson to win. She is really good at the talent she has been given. I recently had the chance to read her new book and learned a lot I did not know about her and found out about her thoughts and feelings through everything. She is also a very good writer and shared some of her poems and Journal thoughts through all the different times in life. This wasn't a autobiography,but her Journey in life so far. Each chapter talked about a moment in her life and at the end each lesson she learned from them. I found the book to be quite good. She is a wonderful role model for the younger generation and that you can achieve the dreams you have. She talked about her growing up years,training and the various competitions she has been in,plus her time on Dancing with stars down to the scary moments of a stalker experience she went through. Plus the accident while skiing that injured her knee. She is one tough woman it seems from reading her book. I enjoy reading this and getting to see a little behind the scenes at some of the biggest moments in her life. Nice read!!

I received this free from Tyndale for my honest review

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