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Thursday, June 14, 2012

A Sweet Poem

In our lives come many things 
to break the dull routine, 
The things we had not planned on 
that happen unforeseen, 
The unexpected little joys 
that are scattered on my way, 
Success we did not count on 
or a rare, fulfilling day-- 
A catchy, lilting melody 
that makes us want to dance, 
A nameless exaltation 
of enchantment and romance-- 
An unsought work of kindness, 
a compliment or two 
That sets the eye to gleaming 
like crystal drops of dew, 
The unplanned sudden meeting 
that comes with sweet surprise 
And lights the heart with happiness 
like a rainbow in the skies, 
Now some folks call it fickle fate 
and some folks call in chance, 
While others just accept it 
and pleasant happenstance, 
but no matter what you call it, 
it didn't come without design, 
For all our lives are fashioned 
And every happy happening 
and every lucky break 
Are little gifts from God above 
that are ours to freely take. 
~Helen Steiner Rice~

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