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Monday, June 11, 2012

Land Between the Lakes "The Homeplace"

This past weekend we went to Land Between the Lakes on a day trip and it was free to get into the places in it that day. We stopped by "The Homeplace". I loved it,it is a living turn of  the century working farm. It feels like you have really gone back in time. You tour around the whole thing and it takes you through different buildings. I love history and I really enjoyed this. They always have things going on there too.
 The path leading up too the home were beautiful fields with snake fences.
 I loved the house. It was called a double pen style house. Very neat layout. It has a big open middle with closed door rooms on each side. I had never seen one of these layouts. I loved it. Then a kitchen in a back part and a upstairs with 2 more bedrooms.
 The fields where they grew everything
 One of the rooms downstairs
 Two ladies quilting on the front porch

 These beds looked so cozy. I just wanted to snuggle up and go too sleep in them.
 Part of the kitchen
 Children's room upstairs

 View from the second floor
 Another children's room

 The smoke house for the meat

 Back of house
 Inside the smoke house
 Working area 

 A man working with wood

 The Barn area

 This one just let me stand and rub it's face,so sweet

 Went into hiding in it's stall when it seen the camera and started peeping out..lol

 The garden

I loved this place and it was a wonderful place to show how it used to be. It's located at Land Between the Lakes in KY/TN

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