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Friday, June 22, 2012

From my heart..stop the bullying!

I saw a headline the other night on AOL. I read it and watched the video along with it. It was how a bus monitor got bullied by a bunch of teenagers on the bus. I won't post the video here,but it can be found easy online,I am not posting it due to the language and mean words in it. I had so many emotions when watching it. I hurt for the lady and to be honest I just wanted the kids to get a good ole fashion whipping or more. I have never been so angry over a video. What gives one person the right to make fun of somebody else or be cruel to another? Has anyone not got any respect for anyone anymore? Nobody should be made to feel like that and taunted by another person. When is it going to stop? Why is the generation coming up so out of order? There is no respect for nothing anymore. I get so sick of people getting made fun of over weather it's there race,weight or looks. Who gives one person the right to make fun? Why can't everybody just love each other with out regard to what the difference is? So many things are being brought to the Internet you never even know when you might even be brought onto a video and exposed to millions being laughed at on any social site. So many young people and even older ones are killing themselves over being bullied and made fun of. My heart breaks at what society has come too. I can't even put into words how I feel about it. What do people get out of hurting others? Your not any better or cooler because you do it. I think you must be a pretty low person to do something to bring down another human. Stop and think before words or laughs exit your mouth making fun of somebody. Everybody is human and people have feelings. I am so sick of people being made fun or feel bad over their weight or if they are different from somebody else. 

I want to be honest for a minute and tell something not many people know. I have gotten teased and made fun of before or had words spoke to me by others. Mean things that now I have a phobia of anytime I go out. I am scared to death in restaurants or in public places. I am so afraid that somebody is going to say something or laugh at me. It's not fun too live like that. When is making others afraid to even leave their house going to stop? Back in middle school I was coming home on the bus from school one day. I was minding my own business sitting by myself when I heard kids start laughing. Then I felt paper balls,little tiny ones coming over me. They were throwing wet paper balls into my hair and on me. I pretended to read a book and ignore them. I can still hear the words and the laughing from the kids near the back. To this day I have a phobia from that incident that I feel I can never have my hair right because the paper balls were sticking into my hair and I was hearing words she won't never get it out and barrels of laughs coming from the back. It finally was my stop and I got up and I will never forget  this. The bus driver got up and I was hurrying to get off and she stood up and gave me a hug and I burst out crying in her arms. She showed love right when I needed it. I will never forget her for that. She showed what a true human should act like and be toward others. There has been many more incidents in my life that has happen,but that day has stood out to me the most. People have to live with cruel things you do to them.

What all this is coming too. Please stop and think before you laugh or make fun or bully someone else. It can lead to so many things that stay with that person in life. Why do you want to ruin somebody else? It does not make you cooler or better it makes you a sorry human bringing yourself so low. What is it going to take for the bullying in the world to stop? Love one another,don't keep picking on people. It hurts to be picked on and makes one feel like they are not good enough to go into the world or even live. Listen please if you have hurt somebody or made fun of somebody go and say I am sorry and make it right. Learn when your in public to keep your mouth shut and not make anybody feel lower about themselves by laughing or saying hurtful things. We are all human and everybody deserves to feel like they belong and are no different then anybody else. From the bottom of my heart world please listen if I just get through too one person in this post stop and think before speaking words or laughing. It makes you no better!! Stop and think,please stop the bullying in the world.

Everybody is made with no mistakes by God.

Psalm 139:14"I will praise thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made: marvellous are thy works; and that my soul knoweth right well."


  1. Even when I was in middle school, I noticed that when kids are by themselves, they're fine - pretty good kids even. It's when they're among friends that things like this happen. They want to appear cool among their friends and unfortunately, making fun of others is what makes them cool and feel powerful.

    I've been a victim of bullying as well... and it definitely isn't fun. I'm grateful to see that so many people are supporting her all over the world and people are becoming more aware of things like this happening in schools.

  2. Very good, Miss Jennifer! Praise the Lord for somebody who will stand and say something against such a matter! By God's grace, I always try to have a smile and a kind word on my tongue while out in public because we run into so many people throughout the course of a day and you just never know who might need it. The way you treat them in the short amount of time you're around them could define the rest of their life.


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