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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

What has happen to the Hymn Book?

Me and my Mom has been pondering a thought recently. Why are so many churches leaving the Hymn book behind? Why do some make you try out for the choir? Why are some doing away with choirs? What happen to just singing out of the old Hymnal Book and singing from the heart? What's with all the fancy gadgets where there are lights everywhere and the lyrics are on the wall? Sorry but I still like the old fashion way of opening up a hymn book and singing from the heart. People can have their modern ways but I think I like the old path just fine. It was good enough and worked for generations. God does not change. Why should we change worship ways to please man? Sorry but I guess I am just an old fashion Hymn book singing gal. It was good enough for people before me and good enough for me now. God bless the churches that still take a stand for the old fashion way:)


  1. Yay for my old fashioned church!I totally agree with you. All of those things are just to attract the "younger" crowd. If a church feels it needs flashy lights to bring people in, chances are the preaching probably isn't that good either.Probably some of that "Feel Good Preaching".
    Reading Revelations will help bring to mind what Heaven is like. I don't remember reading about a thumping beat, electric guitars and a fancy light show. The only light we will see is God Himself and the music will be choirs, trumpets and harps etc.....If you do not like those things on Earth, what makes you think you will enjoy WORSHIP IN HEAVEN?????
    Love the post Sweetie! God bless!

  2. Amen! I heard a preacher say the other week that there never was a teenager that asked for a contemporary worship service...it was a group of preachers who were looking for big numbers instead of pleasing God!
    I love your little random rants like this! lol! ;)

  3. Loved this! (I haven't commented for a while... I have recently switched to a whole new account...)
    So true! I love hymnbooks, especially ooooold ones.
    We think the same. Our church is independent, fundamental baptist, and it's usually has an attendance of 200 (?) in the mornings. We have "Soul Stirring Hymns" in the back of our pews... But we don't use them, and it's akward if you do. I personally reading the music off the page, (especially since I am a pianist) that's my favorite part. Even though they are just on the "big screen" I still love good old fashioned hymn books.
    Sorry for my hymn-book long comment:)
    Ps. If you are ever around Central illinois, feel fee to stop by! www.parkmeadowsbaptist.com

  4. So nice to meet and glad your visiting with me over at my blog!! :) Oh I hear you about the Hymns I love old hymns it seems many people want all of the contemporary music in church nowadays....But there is something really neat about Hymns. I love History and when you sing a Hymn it makes me think of all those that have sung it in the past its a beautiful connection we have with our ancestors. I am a girl that loves an old fashioned Hymn as well!! ~Love Heather

  5. Thank you all for stopping by:) I love you all for commenting and visiting:)

    @Jessica:So true most of them are the feel good preaching churches now where people continue living just as if they were not a Christian.

    @Erica:Love what that preacher said. I am going to have to use that sometime:)

    @Ashlyn:Me too and I love this book I have about the story behind the hymn and how it became about:) Thanks for invite if I am ever in the area I would love to visit:)

    @Heather:Thank you so much for stopping by!! I just found your blog so interesting and love hearing about your adventures where your living:)

  6. These are some great thoughts, and I whole-heartedly agree with you. I have been to a few churches where they put the words on the screen, and I can tell you that I wasn't very impressed. The old fashioned ways seem to be fading as more technology enters into our society.

    You certainly have a delightful little blog. Have a blessed day!

    ~Madame Wildflower

  7. @Madame Wildflower:You are right:)I agree with you! I'm just not impressed with the wall thing and the flashy lights some have now days.Thank you so much for visiting my blog:)

  8. Hello There!

    I was glad you visited my blog and came over to visit yours! I loved this post and whole heartedly agree. We attend a church that still uses hymn books and I love, love, love singing this way. I feel like we can lift our voices and not compete with the overpowering sound of instruments.

    Blessings to you,

    Amy Jo

  9. Thanks Amy jo for stopping by:) I agree with you. I still just like singing out of the old hymn book with a piano playing and not all the loud rock concert type musis:)


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