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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Brain Fog...

I really don't know what to write my mind is sorta in a brain fog as to what to write about? There truly is not very much going on. I got a new dvd player for Christmas so I have been watching a lot of my seasons of the Waltons. I love that show. I wish there was more like it and Little house on the Prairie and Road to Avonlea today,most stuff on t.v is just crap now. I just love to cuddle up under my blanket in my room and watch The Waltons. Please pray for my mom after going to the Doctor she started a round of meds and we thought she was feeling better but around this past Monday once all her meds were done she has come down bad with that flu mess again. I got it right before we left town the other day and had it that week but mine luckly cleared up after taking some Nyquil(ever how you spell it) but mom's is just not wanting to go away. So please pray that she will get better soon,I hate seeing her so sick. She can barely talk and her throat is real red. Hope everyone is enjoying the New year!! They are calling for snow around here!!! Did I mention I love snow? Have a great weekend!!

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