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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Little Buddies

My best little buddies always there by my side when I need them. They love to lay in my bed with me. They always cuddle on each side to where I can't move,but I love them:)

"Little Miss Daisy Duke" AkA Lucy"

"Little Mr. Benji"AKA Ricky"

Get it Lucy and Ricky? They remind me of them from I love Lucy because Daisy is always into something and Benji just watches her in amazement..lol:)


  1. I had to smile when I read this post. I also have two puppies, both are Yorkie's and they sleep with me too.

  2. They are so precious. I too love animals they are like my children LOL. I have two Beagals a border collie two cats and a rabbit. Each one gets along with the other and they are such blessings. I love your blog. God bless.

  3. Thank you all so much for the sweet comments:) I love to hear from you all!!

  4. Thank you for the prayers, Jennifer! I really appreciate them. It's like when you finally request prayer for yourself, something else happens and then you REALLY need them! LOL! But God is good and He's taking care of everything! :)


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