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Monday, January 31, 2011

I love Cookout's Cheerwine Floats!!!

So anybody like Cheerwine? No it's not a wine..it's a soda. I'm sure everyone has heard of it but if you have not it's a wonderful soda I like to get from time to time. I love to make Cheerwine punch like at birthdays and stuff,it's great! Well now my sister has got me hooked on something new. At Cookout the fast food chain of restaurants,they have Cheerwine Floats and they are ever so good!! It's Cheerwine Soda mixed with whipped cream. Kinda taste like a milkshake but thinner since it's soda mixed in. Oh but they have become one of my favorite things. You must try one today!! I am not really a milkshake kind of person..I know strange..but this gives you the feel of a milkshake while pretty much it's just soda with whipped cream!!


  1. Sounds really good as I love milk shakes and chocolate milk:) I have never heard of it before. I luve in Florida and we don't have that restaurant chain down here.

  2. No Cookout here although it does sound good. I love Cheerwine but they don't even have cheerwine here either. Can't find it anywhere so when I go home for a visit I do try to remember to get some cheerwine.


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