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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The 6 Things a Gentleman must have for me...

All little girls have the same dream,well most little girls of that day when "Mr.Prince Charming will come capture her heart and ride away on the white horse and magically take you off into the sunset and you will live happy ever after right? Ok let's face it now that I am older no man is going to ride in on a white horse like in those classic Disney movies,but you should not settle with just anyone. You need to settle with the one God has chosen for your life. Your one true "Prince Charming" comes from God and his plan not your own plan. Below I have outlined some of the important things a gentleman must have for him to be in my life if God wills it,if not truly I am happy being single and have no problem not marrying if the Lord does not have it in his plan. So here are some examples of what I look for in a Man.

Godly: He has to be a born again saved by the blood Christian who puts God first in his life and base all his decisions and answers from God in life. Someone in Church and who will be a spiritual leader to our home and family and leads a Godly life! Someone with Convictions. Someone who does not Party,Drink,Do drugs or any other ungodly thing. He must be into good Godly clean stuff.

Purity: He must be one that has saved himself for marriage and respects it as a conviction that he lives by. I don't want a man who's been around with all the women. I want one true man that has honored his purity and saved it for his future wife.

Family: He must take family serious and respect his family and my family and treat both right and know the value of family. He must be willing to let me stay home to be keeper at home and guide and raise our Children and home as talked about in the book of Titus. He must be a good father to our Children. Not violent or quick to anger person.

Trust: Very important. I want a man who is honest and trustworthy and never lies to me or anyone. An upright and honest man. Someone who is always faithful in his words and actions and someone I can trust my heart with and be able to talk and communicate with him about anything and we solve it together with God and prayer

Respect: Someone who will treat me right and take care of me like a Godly man should. Not an angry person but a person who will listen and talk and hear my opinions and respect me as a woman.

Last One but at the Top and most important: There must be three in the Marriage yes three

So that is some things I want in a Husband. Even if God never sees fit to give me one I honestly am completely fine with that and if he sends me one I will be happy and blessed,but it's not my decision it is God's Decision.


  1. Amen Jennifer!
    I totally agree! We can't just give our selves away to just any ol man that comes by our way! God has ONE and only one made for us!
    Thanks for sharing! ♥

  2. I love your post Jennifer. I agree with Erica's post. Believe me I know. Every young lady must wait on the Lord to send them the man that He has for them. No young lady should ever choose one for herself. Blessings to you.

  3. Great post. I believe that God has just the right man for you.We serve an AWESOME GOD and he says he will give us the desires of our heart.


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