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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Books,Movies and Random Talk

Yes..I changed the look again and you might come back again and find it a whole new way another day..who knows? I love messing and designing my blog:) Nothing much on my mind right now. I move the music player to the right near the top so you could turn if off easy if you wanted to watch a video I post. I got thoughts and post ideas in my head,it's just a matter of putting them on here. I love blogging:) I think I love it more then Facebook. God knows I am a shy person and I think it's his way of letting me show Christ to others around the world. That is the great thing about the Internet you never know who is reading it so you can get anybody from any country and that is cool. I have been reading a lot. Some of the books I finished are.

The Book of Job 
Read it from the Max Lucado Bible I got off booksneeze

Life in Spite of Me by Kristen Jane Anderson
A Really good read about a girl who had severe Depression and laid down on the Railroad one night and got ran over by a train attempting suicide. She survived,but lost both her legs but in the whole thing it's what brought her to know God.

Plain Wisdom by Cindy Woodsmall and Miriam Flaud
Author Cindy and her Plain Friend Miriam share different real life stories and Recipes and about the friendship they share.

Under the Overpass By Mike Yankoski
Two Christian Men lived on the Streets for months to see what it was really like to be homeless in America and if their faith in God was Strong and real enough to where they knew their love for God was real.

Unplanned by Abby Johnson
She worked for Pro Choice a place where they performed abortions but when she actually seen a baby on the monitor fighting from being took out of the womb with the suction she decided to quit and work with Pro Life against people having abortions. She now stands at the same fence and tries to stop people from going in the place she once work in.

A Place of Peace By Amy Clipston the 3rd one is that series
This is a third book in the Series,so to really know what is happening in this one you must read the first two in the Krauffman Amish Bakery series

The Sweet by and By Written by Sara Evans with Rachel Hauck
Really good book about Choices,forgiveness and second chances.

Paula Deen Family Cookbook

The Deen Brother Cookbook

Trisha Yearwood's Cookbook

I think that is most of the ones I have finished. All really great books!

I am currently reading

The Book of Proverbs in the same bible I mentioned above

Love Finds you in Charm Ohio By Annalisa Daughety

I love Amish fiction,it is one of my Favorites genre's to Read! I stick to mainly books in the Christian inspirational section when I am reading Fiction because most mainstream fiction has parts I don't like such as cussing and etc. So I love the section of shelves in my library that is got all the inspirational Christian books in one place:)

Plus one more thing...I love this movie and I recently checked it out so my parents could watch it. It is a really good Christian movie.
A dishonest Car Salesman changes his life around and gives everything in life to God!

So this ended up being a really random post hope you enjoyed:) Have a blessed day!!


  1. Oh Jennifer I love it love it love it. It is so pretty. I too love changing my blog all the time. I hear some people don't like when bloggers do that, but I can't help it LOL. all of these books sounds sooo good. Keep listing them when you can I am a book fanatic. Thank you so much for sharing these. Blessings and have a happy Thursday.

  2. Hi Jennifer!

    I love the new look of your blog! Pink and brown is my second favorite color combination. (brown and blue is the first) ;)

    I am a bit shy myself. That is the primary reason I started blogging 3years ago, so I would have a way to witness and a great way to "break out of my shell". :P I also love the fact you can have a Chritian outreach, that reaches a variety of audiences. :D

    You have such a lovely blog here. Such encouraging and uplifting posts. :D

    Have a wonderfully, blessed day!


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