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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Six Reasons I don't approve of Drinking.

I have never drank any alcoholic beverage,no I am not perfect and I am by no means sinless. I am a sinner just like everyone else. I though will never touch alcohol. Why? Some people say it's alright and think it's not going to hurt anybody. It does hurt you. All magazines and TV do now is make beer ads. The world and some parents are teaching their children it's an ok thing. I was at Outback and some people next to us ordered beer and there little girl no more then 8 years ordered a Shirley Temple drink that was non alcoholic. That's teaching your kids that when they grow up it is alright to have a drink. Yes it wasn't real alcohol but she thought she was getting something like her parents, what example is that to your children? It isn't a very good one. Well here are some reasons why it's not alright.

1. It's not just like water or a regular drink,it's a drink that is associated with wordly things of this world. Such as Partying,Clubing and being Drunk not knowing what your doing.

2. It leads to Drunk driving and killing innocent people that are just safely driving down the road.

3. It can lead to Violence and Fighting.

4. It can lead to food being took off the Childrens table because the adults buy alcohol instead of food for their children. It breaks up a lot of families.

5. It can lead to addiction where you hurt yourself.

6. It can lead to DUI and Jail time

There's tons of reasons, I have talked about this subject with people before and some of them are Christians and drink a little. I don't believe in drinking. Does it set a good example if your a Christian sitting there with a drink? No it does not! It ruins a lot of people's lives. So just think before you take that drink just one night of drinking can lead to life long mistake.

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  1. Jennifer I so agree with everything that you posted. Even causual drinking is not good because it can lead to problems. So many people today are under stress of different kinds and they are turning to all kinds of things for comfort except for Christ and He is the only one that can comfort us and help us. Thank you for posting this. Blessings.


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