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Thursday, December 16, 2010

It's Almost here...

Well according the my little time clock on my blog 9 days is left till Christmas!!!!!!!! Or 8 ever how you want to look at it..lol:) Sorry I have not posted in a few days,been busy with some Christmas things mainly the gifts I am making. I am starting to get a little excited!! I have made some homemade gifts and wish I could tell what I made but my family reads this blog and so can't say..lol:) I went to walmart yesterday and it was a packed house with buggy's ramming everywhere..lol. I don't know if it was to do with Christmas or the Ice they were calling for today? Little of both I guess!! Hope everyone is enjoying the Christmas season!!

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  1. I know....Walmart was CRAZY today....I can't believe Christmas is almost here!
    Thank you so much for the comment! I love hearing that something I posted was a blessing to somebody else :)
    My friend ran across that verse the other day and she shared it with me, and she had NO IDEA how much I needed to hear it!!


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