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Sunday, December 5, 2010

It's beginning to feel like Christmas!

Well I finally got a few things done this weekend! Yes I have finally seen the movie that everybody was talking about "The Blind Side" I seen it on the library shelf the other day and checked it out and it was a pretty good movie. Usually movies that have all this hype end up not being that good,but this one I actually liked. I also watched another movie that I found at the Library called "The Note" with mom, I had read the book and the movie was really good as well. Then we saw a great movie on a Christian Channel I don't know the name of it I didn't catch the title when I was working on my Christmas town while watching it. It was about the word Merry Christmas and how it's Christ birthday and the world is trying to take Christmas out of everything! Such a good movie. We began Christmas decorations this weekend. Mom still is sick feeling with that flu mess. So we are sorta just taking our time. I came up with the idea of a Victorian look cause I love love love the Victorian Era:)

First off it snowed,just a little and then it melted away,but still it snowed:) The I put out my little tree in my room with some of my ornament collection:)

I made my annual snow village. I first put down paper that dad had from work and it fit perfectly on the table and this I sat my town out and then sprinkle the town with sugar over the white paper. I added some bushes I found on clearance at the Dollar Tree for .25 cents a pack!! Plus I added a skating pond with a idea off the Internet:) I love doing this every year!


  1. your Christmas tree and snowy village are so pretty. I like how the sugar sparkles just like snow.
    You did a beautiful job putting it all together.

  2. Thank you:) Me and mom love decorating for the Christmas season:)

  3. Wouldn't ya know it....I was out of North Carolina when it snowed! I was so upset when we got a call from home saying that it was snowing at our house!! :(
    But we did get a puppy out of it though! :)
    I like your tree and decorations!!
    -Erica Simpson

  4. Thank you Erica:) Yeah,it snowed but not really much in my part of NC..I am still waiting for the big snow storm:) Oh I love puppies:)


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