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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Penny Bennett Bible Totes!

I won a giveaway on a blog the other day and today in the mail I received a beautiful bag!! It's a bible tote! It's perfect for carrying your Bible,Journal and pens to church or anywhere!! I love it and she didn't ask me to spread the word,I just wanted too because I just love it and she provides very good and quick service and is so sweet. She makes them homemade out of her home!! Below are just a few of her selections and also links to her Shop and sites:)

Click Here for her Shop

Click here for Her Facebook Page

Click here for Her Blog


  1. These are so super-duper cute! Good for you! How nice to win something so adorable and practical, too! O, to have the talent to make these, huh?
    Thanks for sharing! :)

  2. Just discovered this, Jennifer. Don't know how I missed it but I wanted to say "thank you" for your kind words. I'm so happy you were pleased with your PBT and I greatly appreciate you sharing them. I hope it's still bringing you much joy and serving you well!!

    All the best,


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