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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Encouragement for the Single Woman

The other week,I was feeling kinda of down. I know several who have entered into courtships,relationships,marriage and had children. I got to wondering just when or if I will get the chance to be a bride and have children. When will I get the chance to be a keeper at home and raise a family to serve God? I received a Christian magazine in the mail one day and I kept forgetting to read it. So finally I got to reading it one day and one article in it felt like it was speaking directly to me. It was from a woman who had gone through the same extact feelings I was feeling. The article really blessed my heart and gave me such encouragement. She too wondered if and when all these things would come to pass. Then as she was reading her bible one day it hit her she was married to the Lord!! She could be of so much help and encouragement to people and go about the Lord's work while being single. It really brought me up. To think the Lord is letting me stay single to minister and be of service for him. There are so many things I can do now for the Lord!! If I stay single for the rest of my days,I have accepted it because I am not alone,I am married to the Lord!! What an honor that is!! If the Lord sees fit to send me a spouse and family down the road that is great,but if not I will be content because I will be married to the Lord and serving him. What a grand thing and how delightful that is!
Here is a link to the article I read! I just get the magazine for the wonderful devotion and encouraging stories they have!!

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