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Saturday, October 2, 2010

My Heart breaks for the Lost

My heart is heavy with many things on my mind. There is a new show out called Sister Wives! It is about a man who is with 4 women and has kids by all of them. I watched about half way through so I could form an opinion! It's sin and so wrong for plural marriage. My heart aches for the children having to grow up in a environment like that. God did not intend for marriage to be like that. Anyways I told my opinion on the sites network fan page and tried to spread the gospel,but people didn't want to hear it,they started jumping me from all sides. They were telling me the Bible is a fairy tell and calling God disrespectful names. I sat in shock cause all through my christian walk I had never experience people like that. My heart breaks for them. They are saying too some of them,that they live a good life and will go to heaven. It does not work that way you must be born again. You must be saved! I did my best at talking with them about being saved and heaven and the Lord they just don't want to hear it. It saddens me that they will spend eternity in hell,when they can believe and be saved and go to heaven. It just breaks my heart. They are all acting like its a big joke. Just so sad over that. Well just had to pour my heart out. All I can do is pray for them and maybe there eyes will open one day.


  1. They most definitely will open their eyes one day, but it's up to them to choose whether or not it will be too late. They can acknowlege Jesus as God now, or they can wait til they're burning in hell. And it IS sad. We met a young man the other night on visitation, and he said he knew he was going to heaven cause his grandfather and his father were police officers and b/c he was going into the police force. And it is just so sad how the devil has tricked everyone into believing that good works will get you to heaven. If that was the case, then Jesus Christ suffered and died a cruel death on an old rugged cross for nothing. But thank God, we know that isn't so!!
    Thank you for sharing this Jennifer!

  2. Keep on planting those Gospel seeds and God will do the rest in His own good time. God is the blessed controller of all things. Praise His Holy Name!!

    God bless you,


    BTW, I love your background music.

  3. This is very common ... the brothers here go out on the streets to preach several times a week and we just started going with once in a while, and that's what we hear. Only, many times it's from professing Christians. Not that they believe plural marriage is all right or that the Bible is a fairy tale, but that they think they can live however they want, totally going against the Word of God, and still get into heaven. This is very, very sad and contrary to the Words of Christ.

    It can get discouraging at times, but we must keep pressing on and trying to share the Truth no matter what we face in this world.

    Maybe it's time to turn off the tv? Sounds like a horrible, sinful show. Go visit a widow or something instead :) be a blessing.

    Lord bless you! I'll have to read more of your blog when I have time.

    In Christ, Joanne in MO (monett)

  4. Yeah I don't watch the show. I watched a little bit of it to form an opinion and then voiced my concern on the network's site. I am thinking about just turning off the tv all together cause it's nothing but trash on anymore. I am just so tired of seeing sin you know? It's so sad these people on the page though don't see that what this show is doing is wrong. I just think the devil has really covered many ones eyes in the world. My heart breaks at where they will go.


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