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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Big Move:On the road to TN

So after packing up all our stuff and sending the moving truck on it's way,it was time for us to start to the journey to TN. The preacher that is serving as a temp.at a local church rented our home and was coming in that Saturday afternoon and we pulled out that morning. So many beautiful sites along the way. I really enjoyed the ride. Dad drove the camper in front of us and me and mom drove the car behind him.
 Yeap she loves the cool air on her face..lol

 Rode like this for half the trip..lol

 Downtown Asheville is so pretty
 Dad had been up since Friday morning around 6am and this was Saturday late afternoon,he was on no sleep so we decided to stop in Asheville and stay the night so he could get come sleep.
 Pretty little view from camp site 
 They thought I was leaving them when I went to the car..lol
 Hitting a bad rain storm
 Beautiful water flowing from the mountains after the rain

 Finally hitting the TN Line
 Stopping by the welcoming center
 You think I need anymore? LOL
 Heading through Nashville

 First sign of Clarksville
 Downtown Nashville from Hwy
 Finally to our new town

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  1. Wow, those pics are just beautiful!! We don't have any mountains like that here in corn country - that must make for some fun driving!! :-D

    Thank you so much for sharing! I can't wait to hear more about your move and your new home!

    Love in Christ,


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