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Monday, June 13, 2011

Book Review:Growing up Amish by Ira Wagler

If you read my blog you know I love reading about the Amish and Amish Fiction. Their culture has always been an interest to me. I love reading books from people who were Amish and know the inside. Fiction is great but most of it is made up. I like to hear the real side of their culture. So when this book became available to review,I had to take it. Ira Wagler was born and raised in the Amish faith. It is filled with many stories about the life and culture and the real inside of what being Amish is like. At the age of 17 he got tired of rules and regulations by the Amish and packed his bag late in the night and left a note and left his home. It talks about his struggles of being drawn to the English world and back to the Amish life he had always known. He left the faith for good at 26 and now lives not as a Amish man. This is a pretty good book if you like to read true stories about growing up and being raised in the Amish faith. It isn't made up or fiction,it is all real by a man who lived it. Very good book.

I Received this book free from Tyndale Publishers for my honest Review

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