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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Packing,packing and more Packing

Not much time on here lately..lol..packing,packing and more packing. Boxes are everywhere..lol:)  I did not realize how much stuff one could collect over so many years. I am happy though this gives me a chance to get rid of all the stuff I have been meaning to get rid of forever that I don't need. So far two huge loads of stuff from the house we have put on the free section on Craigslist and did a curb alert,where people can come on a first come first take basic. We still will have another huge load,the one last big one. Time is flying and next week will be our last week here. I can't wait to get there,I am just really ready to start somewhere fresh and new. Hey my room at where we find a place will finally be clean(well for a little while I suppose). The plan as of now is we are leaving either on the 10th or 11th and stopping by pigeon forge or Maggie valley to camp and then on too Clarksville we will be living in the camper until we find a house. Hopefully we won't be in the camper long,but it will be fun camping a little while. I am just excited to get out there and find a place. I want to find a good Church and be involved in the ministry hopefully in someway. I hope God uses me greatly somewhere in a church there and hopefully have some other Christian people my age to fellowship with. Who knows what God has in store,I am excited. Unless I decide to get a laptop,after June 10th I will not be on here for a little while. I think I can make it it without a computer..lol:) Just amazed at how everything has feel into place

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  1. Well, I'll miss your posts- and all your book reviews! I love them!=D (I'm an avid reader!)
    I hope you have a safe trip! And Have fun living in the trailer...
    A Christian Family just joined our church, and they had moved from N.D. to Illinios. They were living in a trailer for 3-6 months. The thing is though, they have ten kids- twelve and under! (one set of twins!) They finally found a house and were very glad to move in=D
    Well, God Bless you abundantly on this journey ahead of you and your family.
    "May The LORD Bless you and keep you, and cause his face to shine upon you, and be gracious unto you, and give you peace."


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