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Monday, June 6, 2011

Want to be Pen Pals?

Time is swiftly flying by and there still seems like so much to do. Next week at this time we will be in our new town of Clarksville. It hasn't really hit me as far as emotions go. It will probably happen when we pull out and leave our home of 26 years. So far though I am just ready to get the move on and going. Can't wait too see what is in store for us. I did this on facebook and a lot of you sent me yours. If you would like to be pen-pals through mail,just comment me your address and I will not publish the comment. I love sending and getting cards and stuff. So I thought it would be fun. I will be without Internet until July or later or earlier if I decide to buy a laptop for the camper. I might just take a break from the whole Internet thing until we get settled into our new home,but if you want too be pen-pals,I love sending mail..so just comment me your address and I will not publish the comment.  I will probably be on here again before I leave. So I hope you have a great day.

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