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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Big Move:Packing up Home

Well we are here in TN and camping in our camper til we find a place. Looks like it might be kind of hard getting a home because a bunch of soldiers at Fort Campbell Base just came home from overseas and plus they are bringing in a ton of new people for some new plant. Real Estate is really going here. So people are grabbing houses quick. We made it up here safely and I am thankful for that. The other day I went out for the first time on my own to try to find some lunch and it looked like a long country road with nothing on it,so I just got on the Hwy and finally found a Mcd's and yeap I ended up in KY.  Then when I came back to my exit turns out that whole country road was a place filled with places and lead out to the huge Army base. I felt dumb,but hey it was fun and a new adventure finding my way around. The town is great,love it here from what i have seen,they have anything you want on the main road and then it leads down to the historic downtown area and huge Cumberland river,beautiful. Ok so my first post is going to be the packing up post. So here we go.

My home place marker I always came home too.
A friend of my sister's came and took our pool down and we gave it too them. The real estate lady suggested we get rid of since we were renting it. That's after with our big hole but no pool..lol and below is without the deck we gave to very nice couple that off the free section on Craigslist that had been wanting one. The man was coming this week I think to fill it on in.

My empty bedroom dad painted it and had new carpet put down over the house. I miss my room at times. Then the empty living room,so sad looking:(
For weeks our house was just a boxed up or laying ready to be boxed..lol

 Our building packed full too
My temp bed in the living room
 Moving Truck arrives with dad driving
 Starting the loading

 Truck being drove away by our real estate agents son to be drove up by him that Monday to Storage in TN
 The empty building
 Wore out from weeks of boxes,taping and packing..lol
 Even more stuff in the truck to go with us..lol
 A Welcome Wagon we made for the Pastor and his family moving into our home
 Still packing at like 3am the morning we left

We finally got finished whew!!!! We had some really great neighbors that just jumped right in without being asked and starting helping load the truck. We are really thankful for the love and help they showed. Glad the packing part is over but still one more round to go when we get to a new home. We have made it this far though. Praise the Lord

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