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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Super Busy

Hey Ya'll,
Been crazy around here. Packing and cleaning. We are renting our house so we are painting,putting new carpet down and packing to leave. We were suppose to leave today but some things came up and we had to hold it off til next week. My mom tripped over a nail off a piece of deck we were taking down from where the pool was and the next morning she was hurting and it was swelled so I took her to the E.R. She should be fine. Then the next day my grandma fell off the curb onto one those long concrete things in parking spots at a CVS store. We went back to the E.R and they ran scans on her. She broke her glasses and got a really bad black and blue bruise on her eyes. They might have to do surgery after the swelling goes down for some fragment bones in her face. So please pray for all that. We know a couple and a they brought over a man that is being their temp.preacher til they vote in one and he looked at the house and about possibly renting it. Very nice man and real friendly. I would love to leave my home knowing a good Christian family is living in it. I had a break down the other night after they left,not over moving or the house,but over how disappointed I am in some people that I thought were part of my life. It's put some trust issues in me about some things. Anyways the lord knows about it,so please just pray. Pray that I find a good Church where I am going. I've looked at some online and they have women's bible studies and things which it neat. I want a church where I feel welcomed and can fellowship with Good people,most of all I just want a God fearing good one. Well busy week ahead. I am sleeping in the living room on my mattress my room was painted. Kinda fun like a big slumber party..lol:) My sister's friends came and took our pool so now we got a big hole in the back yard,but we are going to fill it in with dirt. Well onto the super busy week. That man that is a preacher is going to come by tomorrow with his whole family and show them the house. So until next update,have a good weekend.

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