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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Not Goodbye,just see you later

Well everyone my Internet will be cut off tomorrow and so this is my last blog post til sometime in the Summer. I should have a lot to talk about when I get back. We have a great Christian family renting our house,he is a local Church pastor until they vote a new one in. They are moving in Saturday. I had a first big breakdown last night,my room was finally empty and I went to pick up the last box to carry out and I looked around and just sat in the floor a few minutes and cried. So many memories in this house. We can always come back to it,but who knows what God has in store this could be our last time together as a family here. Ok gotta stop or I will break. I have truly seen God move in this change.I will make a list later and let you see just how it all played out,truly amazing. I have learned many lessons through this. People just stopping by or calling and saying there praying and we will miss you. It really means a lot. Most people close to us know how much we have prayed and we have struggled through the past couple of years. We have neighbors who have stopped by,one baked a cake and another offering anything,another one coming to help us load the truck,another one cooking us a meal tomorrow night. Hearing from people that are so encouraging and praying for us. You really find out who cares about you during times like these. I appreciate and love the people who just come in and love us because they truly care. No asking just popping in or calling, a minute of their time to just say we love ya and praying for you. Well I am going to start crying,so I better go. So we leave Friday and by next week we will be in TN. God bless you all til we meet again:)

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