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Monday, March 21, 2011

Random talk and Beautiful Full Moon

Hey all,
I know all I have been posting is the book reviews I do for some sites,so I thought I would do a little random post. Nothing much is really going on. I was so excited the other day somebody off freecycle gave me a whole collection of Hardback Beverly Lewis Amish Books. I had already read most of them a long time ago but like 2 in the box,so I am getting mom into try and reading them. I just might re-read them again myself. It was almost every book she has written except for the latest new series she's come out with. Great deal!! The other night mom called me outside,it was Saturday night and it was suppose to be a beautiful full moon. She told me come outside and look and you know me I grabbed by camera. The clouds were out of this world beautiful. Like I could just reach up and touch them. They look like tons of cotton balls. I have never seen the clouds so pretty at night and the pictures I took do not show just how truly beautiful it really was.

Truly God's Masterwork!! It was beautiful.

Hope everyone is having a blessed week and remember don't take the small things for granted such as watching the beautiful moon each night:)


  1. I was just thinking a little while ago how much we take the small things, like being able to see, for granted. Thanks for sharing!
    I'm glad to hear you've been doing alright! I'm praying for ya! :)

  2. Very pretty pictures Jennifer thank you for sharing. I remember one night I was over across the street from where we live at the park and the sky looked just like this. I remember thinking the same thing. It was so pretty. I wanted to go and grab my camera, but figured it would all change before I could get back. God is the best artist ever. The books you got sound really good and what a blessing that was. Hope you are having a great week. Blessings to you my friend.


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