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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Book Review:Unsinkable by Abby Sunderland

Wow she was only a teenager herself,but she decided to go on a boat by herself and sail around the globe. She grew up around sailing and her family always encouraged their children and wanted them to see many cultures. It gives a glimpse of what she grew up around with the families travels on boats as she was homeschooled. She is one very brave lady I would be afraid to be out on the ocean by myself and nobody around but not her. It takes you through her story and with thoughts from her plus written in another way where they are talking about things that went on.  It gives you little icons to let you know who is talking in that part of the book. Very mature for a teenage to take on this task,not many young people these days are mature enough to do such a task. Not a bad read.

I received this book free from booksneeze.com for my honest review

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  1. I remember seeing this on the news. There was a lot of controversy about what she did. They were trying to blame her parents for letting her go off on her own. I think it was a pretty amazing task for such a young lady. I would like to read the book sometime. Thank you Jennifer.


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