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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Book Review:The Band that Played on By Steve Turner

I recently got the chance to review this book. The whole story of titanic is so sad and their are so many different accounts of it in various different books. This book takes you behind the scenes in a book that has never been written. It is written about the group of men in that band that is said to have played til the ship sank. Different people wittness that they heard them playing Nearer my God to Thee. This book takes you and talks about the different men and their stories and life. It's a good book. Just really makes you think about how sad it all was on that night long ago.

I got this book free from booksneeze.com for my honest review

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  1. I'm expecting this book in the mail right now!! I can't wait to read it!! I love the story of the Titanic and the thing that always stands out to me is how the band played as it sank. How sad it must have been.


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