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Friday, March 11, 2011

A few bits from my life this week!

Very Random post..lol..how is everyone doing in blog land? Thanks for those you signed up for that target gift card thing,I deleted the post it has expired and I don't think I got it:( Oh well!! It rained here all day yesterday and today seems to be a nice day with the sun shinning. Spring is a coming!! Hope all his well your way! Here is some things from this week.

I got a package in the mail of the giveaway from Campbell's I won:) 

Found a great use for the box it came in, I organize a bunch of my special cards I have got:)

Also cashed in my Swagbucks and Viewpoints Gift cards to amazon and was able to get season 6 of The Walton's. It came today:)

Of course I made a run to the library. I had requested a book off a review site and later discovered it was book 2 in a series,so I checked out book 1 and finished right before receiving #2  it in the mail today:) I have read many good books lately. Will have to post about it later:) I enjoy sharing what I have read!

I have also been writing in my Journal a lot. It helps me just get my thoughts out. I got this journal awhile back free after cashing in my Gift cards from Swagbucks:)
It's a really neat one with bible verses on each page:)

Well that is about all I can think of!!

One last word please keep the people in your thoughts a prayers that were affected in Japan's earthquake and Tsunami and other areas affected by it!!

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  1. Jennifer sorry you did not get the Target card. You did get a nice package though, and you do have some really nice books. Many of them you have posted have inspired me to read them. I love your journal too. I use to get on that swagbucks and had quit a few of them, I did this on my old computer and it always seemed like something would go wrong with my computer everytime I would get on that site. Well for Christmas I got a new computer and it's really nice and I'm very pertected now. Thanks for bringing that up I think I will start going back to the site and adding to my swagbucks. I too have been praying for those in Japan the pictures on the news is just aweful I could not even begin to imagine what they are all going through over there. Blessings to you. Tonya.


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