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Monday, August 26, 2013

Miley Cyrus VMA thoughts...

So I heard everybody talking about Miley Cyrus performance on the MTV awards. So I looked at it on youtube to see what the talk was about. I was speechless and so sad for her and the generations growing up. She danced and dressed very trashy and not modest at all. The other male singer singing with her was letting her danced all up on him and she was doing awful moves and gestures. There is no reason for this kind of performance on TV. Young kids looked up this girl when she was the Disney "Hannah Montana". I know she is wanting to leave that image and show she is an adult now. She is really taking it too far and the wrong way. You can show your grown up without acting like this. I think it is so sad that she gets up there and acting very sexual and immodest. Our young generation coming up is growing up with all this trashy stuff around there eyes. It's like everything is alright and anything goes in the world. It's not even just this one thing. It's everywhere in Magazines,Music,TV shows,Movies,Books. Where has Modesty gone? Where has Dignity gone? Where has Respect gone? No wonder generations keep getting crazier. Where is a Godly generation at? Look at these people that young ones are looking up to today. It's not good role models this day in time. It's time we brought God and some Modesty back into the world. It's all just going down hill. Lord help this world. 

I wasn't going to post pictures with this post, but seriously look at these from last night. Is this what you want your children looking up to and acting like? The male singer is married and he's just as bad letting a woman move like against him like that. 

 When did it become ok to leave your house looking like this? 

Wake up and get a hold of your children. We need some decent role models in the world coming up. I hate to see what the future will be like. Will people even bother to put on anything going out of the house?


  1. She is very sad.. I was like really wow her poor Dad.. I can't imagine how he feels and everyone in the world has trashed her verbally but I think she kind of deserved it all... I can't believe who she has became either.. Have a great evening with love janice

    1. Yes it's just sad that she has no respect for herself and acts like that. Somebody needs to have a good long hard talk with her. Have a great night!!!


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