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Friday, August 9, 2013

Day's of handwritten notes...

I was doing laundry in the basement the other day. I found a notebook in a box. It was a bunch of hymns my maw maw Brewer wrote out. These two are my favorite!! Nothing better then seeing loved ones handwriting on paper after they have gone. I'd rather have this then any typed up computer version!! I love homemade and handwritten things better than anything. It shows a part of the person. Where have the days gone of good ole fashion handwritten things? I myself still adore writing cards and letters and writing recipes on cards. It's just something special about it.


  1. Oh, how amazing and wonderful it must have been to find these! I love handwritten things too, the old-fashioned way :) It is the best, and I love that feeling too when I come upon an old note or recipe from my Grandma that she wrote and left in a book or something.

    What a beautiful thing to share. And your maw maw had such lovely handwriting!

    Have a blessed day, Jennifer♥

    1. I also somewhere have recipe books she made in notebooks for me and my sister. To me handwritten is so much more special and fun than all the typed up stuff today. Have a great weekend!!!


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