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Monday, July 25, 2011

Just some Random Chatter

Hope everybody is having a great week!!! We are settling in our new home and town. Someday's I miss home so much I can't stand it and other days I am just fine and happy at where we are. It will take some time to get use to everything. In the last 5 weeks we have moved from our home of 26 years and the only home I ever knew,moved to a new city and away from the only city I knew and my parents knew and a generation before that grew up there too. We had strong ties in the community,it is and will always be home to me in my heart. We then put our camper up for sale. We posted it this past Friday night on craigslist,went to eat pizza at pizza hut and came home and a man and his wife came by to look at it and bought and picked it up the next morning. So we also said goodbye to 17 years of memories with the camper. I have told a lot of stuff goodbye in the last couple weeks,but the thing is it's pretty much been a peaceful feeling because I know God's will is for all this too be taking place right now and he is giving me peace to get through it all. Plus the other news sadly I turn 27 this coming Thursday on the 28th..ughhh..when did I get almost to the 30 mark in a couple years? Now that scares the crap out of me turning 30 in a few short years..lol..oh well got to get older sometime..lol..Well hope you all have a great week and God's blessings wherever you are.


  1. I to like mennonite choirs even if I am not mennonite. Come over and I think we can be friends.

  2. Your new background looks like a baby blanket I had as a child! How cute!
    Growing up, we moved a lot. We rarely spent more than a year in one place. I guess I learned not to become so attached to people, places and things. My girls have lived in the same house for 13 years and they just cannot imagine moving into another house or, worse yet, another state! I get to satisfy my "movin' urge" by renovating and redecorating. Lucky for me we live in an old cracker shack that needs lots of renovating! LOL!
    Happy Birthday!!!!! (30 wasn't hard for me..for some reason 32 hit me HARD!)Hope you enjoy your day!


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