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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

I was Tagged

I was tagged by "Seeking his Guidance In all things Blog". Which is a wonderful blog,so go check out her blog and enjoy your read there. So here are my favorites of movies from the selections of the movies genres listed.

War:Anne Frank
Fantasy:Wizard of Oz(Guess you would consider this a fantasy..not sure..lol..it was a dream movie)
Romance:Hope Floats(Have several but chose this one to share)
Literature:Little Women(Like the old version and the newer version)

Comedy:Napoleon Dynamite(I know dumb movie but you can't help but like it..lol)

Sci-fi:Don't really like these types of movies so I could not think of one:(
Animated:Pete's Dragon(Loved this movie as a kid)

Musical:Seven Brides for Seven Brothers
Western:Love Comes Softly series of Movies(Guess this is a western was all I could think of..lol..ok not really a western but close to it..lol)
Mystery: None came to mind. I guess I'm just your average girl who likes the chic kind movies..lol

Ok I tag anybody that's wants to do this:)

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